True Corp remains undecided on bidding for 900MHz licence

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TRUE CORP says it needs two more weeks to consider whether it will join the new auction for a 900-megahertz licence.

The company is waiting for its adviser to study the issue and make recommendations to its board, Suphachai Chearavanont, chief executive officer, said yesterday.

The deadline for submitting a bidding proposal is May 18.

Only two incumbent mobile operators have picked up bid documents – Advanced Wireless Network of Advanced Info Service (AIS) and True Move H Universal Communication of True Corp.

The other operator, Total Access Communication (DTAC), recently said it would stay out of the auction.

Suphachai also said about the possible signing of a memorandum of understanding with AIS that it was in line with the government’s plan to settle their disputes before the new auction.

He said that at first True petitioned the Central Administrat|ive Court to deny AIS’s request |to extend further the switch-off date of its second-generation |cellular service to June 30 from April 14.

Not fair

True believed that it was not fair, as it had already paid the first instalment for the 900MHz licence that it won in the last auction.

“We already started the licence with a cost, so it is not fair for us if any company will be allowed to operate a 900MHz service with no spectrum cost,” he said, adding that as the situation became more tense, the government stepped in to clear up the dispute.

He said the MoU would have only two conditions.

“The MoU is due to be signed as soon as possible, but at this time we still have not been confirmed of the signing date. We still don’t know if this MoU will be signed in the end,” he said.

Also yesterday, a major wholesaler and retailer of information-technology products, Com7, entered a business-cooperation arrangement with True Distribution and Sales Co, a subsidiary of True, to manage jointly the sale of products and services at 166 True service centres in Big C and Tesco Lotus stores nationwide.

About 300 stores nationwide under Com7’s management, such as the Banana IT chain, will become True authorised resellers.

Sura Khanittaweekul, CEO| of Com7, said the collaboration was expected to strengthen |the potential of both True and Com7.

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