New AIS SIM card package targets teenage heavy data users

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ADVANCED INFO Service (AIS) has introduced the prepaid “Zeed SIM 4G YouTube” package to tap teenage heavy data users and has targeted 1.5 million new users with this new package this year.

The package allows users to enjoy watching videos on YouTube free and with no time limit up to a total of 24 gigabytes (2GB per month for 12 months), plus 6GB of free Internet (500 megabytes per month for 12 months), in addition to free AIS Wi-Fi for four months.

As well, customers can make phone calls on any network for only 25 satang per second (Bt1 for the first minute). Customers can use the service continuously as long as they top up their accounts by at least Bt100 per month.

Titipong Khiewpaisal, AIS senior vice president for marketing, said the company currently had around 33 million prepaid mobile-phone subscribers out of a total of more than 38 million subscribers. Seven million to 8 million of its prepaid users are teenagers. They consume 2.1GB of data per month per person on average.

The company has budgeted around Bt30 million for the marketing campaign for this new SIM card package until the end of this year.

Recently Total Access Communication introduced the “DTAC Super 4G” prepaid SIM card package, targeting the growing base of prepaid heavy data users. DTAC has targeted a million new prepaid subscribers this year through the new package.

The DTAC Super 4G SIM package enables users to enjoy entertainment content without any limit, and they can view YouTube for free from midnight to 8am. They can also access music streaming free of charge 24 hours a day through DTAC’s Music Infinite hub of music-streaming applications, and have up to 12GB of high-speed Internet.

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