Singapore braces for quadrupling of Covid cases, as Asean sees improvement #SootinClaimon.Com

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Singapore braces for quadrupling of Covid cases, as Asean sees improvement

Southeast Asia saw a decline in new Covid-19 cases on Sunday, the lowest in four days, but deaths were higher, collated data showed.

Asean reported 74,305 new cases, lower than Saturday’s 83,523, while the death toll was higher at 1,481 from Saturday’s 1,323.

Total Covid-19 cases in the region crossed 11.1 million, with 242,746 deaths.

Indonesia, which a few months ago had the most number of new cases on a daily basis, was fifth in Asean behind Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam with 3,779 patients on Sunday. Cumulative cases in the country rose to 4,167,511 patients and the death toll to 138,889.

Indonesia on Sunday received 500,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine from the Netherlands, which is a part of the 3 million doses that the Dutch government promised to provide to the country. Earlier, the Netherlands had delivered 657,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Indonesia, which is planning to provide Johnson & Johnson jabs to those over 18 years of age.

Meanwhile Singapore reported 520 new cases on Sunday, bringing cumulative cases in the country to 71,687 with 58 deaths. The Ministry of Public Health revealed that domestic infections had doubled since the government eased up disease control measures despite 50 per cent of the country’s population receiving two doses of vaccination. It estimated that in the next few weeks new infections could reach 2,000 a day, and suggested widening its active case finding campaign to prevent large cluster cases as well as giving a booster shot to those over 60 years old.

Published : September 13, 2021

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