One in 5 Thais unable to understand basic health issues: survey

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Almost one in five Thais (19 per cent) are incapable of understanding basic health information, a national health-literacy survey showed on Monday.

One in 5 Thais unable to understand basic health issues: survey

The Department of Health’s survey showed that only 65 per cent of Thais are health literate – lower than the target of 70 per cent.

Factors causing low health literacy among Thai citizens include old age, lack of opportunity to study, no community role, no access to internet and social media, hearing problems and inability to read and/or write.

Health literacy among respondents was lowest when it came to medicine and healthcare products, healthcare services, disease prevention, and health promotion.

Meanwhile, literacy regarding health-related skills was lowest when it came to accessing information about healthcare products and services, followed by reviews and questions about healthcare products.

Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha said in response that health literacy among Thais must be boosted.

He added that the national committee for health literacy promotion and communication would tackle the issue.

“This move aims to give Thais health literacy so they can take care of their health,” he said. “If Thais are aware of health issues, they will become healthier.”

Published : May 10, 2022


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