CAT looks at letting My subscribers roam on True 4G network

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CAT Telecom plans to provide a fourth-generation wireless broadband service to its My brand 3G-850MHz subscribers by having them roam with the 4G-1800MHz/2.1GHz networks of True Corp, according to Surapant Meknavin, CAT acting president.

He said the My brand service, which currently has only 1 million subscribers, is also seeking marketing partners to promote its brand.

CAT will resubmit the new My business plan to its board soon, after the board rejected approval for the plan this week.

According to a CAT source, CAT has to draw up its My business plan to serve its aim to have My subscribers roam with True’s 4G networks.

True and CAT have been partners in offering the 3G service on the state agency’s 850MHz spectrum.

True subsidiary Real Move has utilised 80 per cent of this 850MHz band to offer its own 3G service, while the other True subsidiary TrueMove H Universal Communication (TUC) has roamed its subscribers on 17 per cent of this spectrum capacity. CAT has used part of the rest of the spectrum capacity to offer the My service.

The same source said that TUC, which is in talks with CAT to pay this spectrum roaming fee to it, has told the state agency that CAT’s My subscribers can roam with True’s 4G 1800MHz/2.1GHz networks as one part of TUC’s roaming-fee payment deal with the agency.

Surapant said the MY service is forecast to have at least an additional 1.5 million to 2 million users within this year.

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