HP deepens IT outsourcing push

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Pavin Vorapruck, managing director of HP Inc (Thailand)
Pavin Vorapruck, managing director of HP Inc (Thailand)

HP deepens IT outsourcing push

Corporate June 23, 2018 01:00


HP Inc (Thailand) is transferring its hardware and software business into an information technology (IT) outsourcing services operation covering computing and printing.

The company said the move would help companies in Thailand with their plans for digital transformation against the backdrop of the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy.

Pavin Vorapruck, managing director of HP Inc (Thailand), said that the firm this year is focusing on the computing and printing businesses to support four |market segments: healthcare, |education, manufacturing and financial businesses.

For the computing business, the company provides desktops, mini-desktops, tablets, points of sale devices, notebooks, and mobility devices in terms of device as a service (DaaS) for larger enterprises.

He said that a growth area for the company’s computing business has been gaming computers and virtual reality products amid growing demand in these areas.

The company is also providing a new product category in the form of Sprout, which is all-in-one touch-driven 3D computing system built with a PC, projector, hi-resolution cameras, Touch Mat and 2D and 3D capture capabilities.

It is designed for the manufacturing industry.

Pavin said that for the printing business, the company is focusing on enterprise printing. It provides managed printed services (MPS) to support enterprise and organisation on a pay-per-use basis.

“We are focusing on those segments with high potential and provide total solutions to support the demands of companies in these segments amid high competition in the information technology (IT) market in the country,” Pavin |said.

“I think that our IT outsourcing services will help customers reduce the costs of investment. In the printing business, this can help customers save costs in the range of 50-70 per cent per year.”

He said the firm provides a PageWide printer to address needs in the printing industry, as well as 3D printers.

“HP is continuing to enjoy growth in the Thai market. We have a full range of computing and printing product portfolio such as desktop computers, workstations, MPS, DaaS, virtual reality, the PageWide printer and 3D printers to support education, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services – which are sectors with high potential growth in the country,” he said.

“Our product portfolio also support the digital transformation under the Thailand 4.0 scheme.”

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