Thailand among 23 ‘best places to visit’ in the world this year

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Thailand among 23 ‘best places to visit’ in the world this year

Thailand among 23 ‘best places to visit’ in the world this year


Thailand has been included in this year’s list of 23 best travel destinations in the world.

In an article published on January 1, the website’s news and lifestyle editor Alesandra Dubin explained what these 23 destinations had to offer, though she did not rank them in a “best of” category.

Thailand was the 12th destination to be mentioned after Bhutan, Western Australia, the Cayman Islands, Dubai, France’s Loire Valley, Japan, Las Vegas, Bali in Indonesia, Merida in Mexico, Canouan Island in the Caribbean, and Turkey.

“Coming to Thailand for the first time in 2023 is America’s hip-hop music festival, Rolling Loud, which will be held at the Legend Siam Amusement Park in Pattaya in April. At the same time is Songkran, the festival of water that symbolises the cleansing of spirit and body,” she wrote.

“I’m also continually impressed by the number of luxury hotels in Bangkok, and Rosewood Bangkok recently reopened in the prime business and retail district of Ploenchit, which I think is an ideal destination for shoppers and foodies.”

Government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said on Sunday that the premier is overjoyed that Thailand has shown up on the radar of the American online media.

He quoted Prayut Chan-o-cha as saying that Thailand has been a popular destination among foreign tourists, and thanked Thais for playing good, kind hosts to foreigners.

“The PM believes Thailand has the potential to attract as many as 20 million tourists this year,” Anucha said. “This will bring income to the provinces and help make the Thai economy expand more sustainably.”

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