Teen Star Supergirl Primed For Vandaryeva

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Teenage striking star Supergirl has recently switched camps and is ready for her second appearance in ONE Championship.

Teen Star Supergirl Primed For Vandaryeva

The high school senior has been training out of Marrok Force MMA in Bangkok to prepare for her strawweight Muay Thai bout against Ekaterina “Barbie” Vandaryeva at ONE: Heavy Hitters on Friday, 14 January, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Although the Thai is 11 years younger than her opponent, the Bangkok resident owns a 38-5-1 record 
“Not everything depends on age and strength,” Supergirl said. “There are things I can use to fight her, like my techniques.” 
One of those techniques is her spearing knee, a weapon she’s perfected and is feared for. Supergirl will no doubt try to use the attack being the taller fighter. 
However, she also must be wary of the Belarusian’s strengths – including her kicks. 
“Her kicks are super fast, and she looks quite stronger than I am, so I’m now trying to bulk up,” the 18-year-old said. 

Teen Star Supergirl Primed For Vandaryeva Teen Star Supergirl Primed For Vandaryeva

Supergirl is no stranger to the ONE Circle. She made her debut at ONE: A New Breed II and scorched Milagros Lopez with a right hand just 60 seconds into the bout for the knockout victory. 
Despite looking in top form, Supergirl admits she wasn’t entirely in control of the bout. 
“I was so nervous in that fight. I didn’t really do what I thought [I should’ve],” Supergirl said. 
“Everything happened from muscle memory. Like when I grabbed her leg and punched her, I didn’t plan to do that. It happened automatically because once you’re punched, you punch back.” 
“When I won, I felt like it went so fast. I was so nervous, and it ended in just one minute. I didn’t even put my all in yet.” 
Now that the Professional Boxing Association Thailand champion has gotten her first ONE matchup out of the way, she’ll be more comfortable in the Circle against Vandaryeva next Friday. 
In fact, the high schooler sent a stern warning to her upcoming opponent. 
“I might be young,” Supergirl said, “but my punches are not to be fooled around with.” 

Published : January 07, 2022


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