Where to watch the English Premier League

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The 2022-23 English Premier League football kicks off from Friday.

Where to watch the English Premier League

Fans of the league in Thailand can follow the matches on True Premier Football 1-4 and True Sports 2 channels.

The first week’s schedule of matches:

Friday (Aug 5):

  • Crystal Palace v Arsenal (2am Thailand time, True Premier Football 1-2)

Saturday (Aug 6):

  • Fulham v Liverpool (6.30pm, True Premier Football 1-2)
  • AFC Bournemouth v Aston Villa (9pm, True Sports 2 )
  • Leeds v Wolverhampton (9pm, True Premier Football 3)
  • Newcastle v Nottingham Forest (9pm, True Premier Football 4)
  • Spurs v Southampton (9pm, True Premier Football 1-2);
  • Everton v Chelsea (11.30pm, True Premier Football 1-2)

Sunday (Aug 7):

  • Leicester v Brentford (8pm, True Premier Football 3);
  • Manchester United v Brighton (8pm, True Premier Football 1-2);
  • West Ham v Manchester City (10.30pm, True Premier Football 1-2)

Published : August 01, 2022


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