God of Muay Thai wows audience as he takes Apec stage 

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Buakaw Banchamek is a well-known boxer dubbed the god of Thai boxing, with many wins under his belt. Muay Thai is a popular martial art, with many Thais learning it not just as a pure form of self-defence but also as a way of life.

This Muay Thai demonstration is one of the few special events organised by Thailand’s Foreign Ministry which didn’t fail to capture the attention of Thai and foreign media alike.

The activities included a demonstration called “Wai Kru”, a ritual performance by Muay Thai fighters which pays homage to trainers both past and present. On the heels of the performance was a workshop, inviting media members on stage to get one-on-one training by boxing star Buakaw himself.

None other than Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanee Sangrat, who took part in the workshop, showed his boxing skills on stage.

Buakaw Banchamek, ThaiBoxing : Apec 2022 ThailandBuakaw Banchamek, ThaiBoxing : Apec 2022 Thailand

Buakaw is considered the most successful Muay Thai fighter, having won many tournaments, such as the K-1 World Max Championship, Shoot Boxing World Cup and World Muaythai Council World Championship.

Many Muay Thai boxers use the sport to break through poverty, resulting in a number of boxing camps popping up all over the country, with temple boxing and other big competitions bringing entertainment and providing a way to sustain many Thai families.

Buakaw Banchamek, ThailandBuakaw Banchamek, Thailand

It may look like a dangerous and painful sport as fighters need to undergo heavy training, but it is also considered an entertainment sport for both Thais and foreigners, attracting international fighters and fans from across the world to training camps in Thailand. 

The sport is so popular that more than 4,000 Muay Thai camps have emerged in 36 countries, especially in Brazil, Iran, India, The United States and Hong Kong.

Buakaw Banchamek, ThailandBuakaw Banchamek, Thailand

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