Fujitsu chief in Thailand seeks inner transformation

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Fujitsu chief in Thailand seeks inner transformation

Fujitsu chief in Thailand seeks inner transformation


Jarupong Krisanaraj

Technology alone cannot make companies achieve digital transformation, Kanokkamon Laohaburanakit, managing director of Fujitsu (Thailand), said on Wednesday.

Internal transformation is also necessary to cope with technological disruption, drive a company towards sustainability, and gain trust among employees and consumers, Kanokkamon said.

The challenge in digital transformation is changing employees’ mindsets as they may feel uncertain about new things, she said.

“Fujitsu highlights that internal transformation is essential and very important. Every employee is important to drive the organisation towards sustainability,” Kanokkamon said.

The company uses the principle “Fujitra” (Fujitsu Transformation) to help it improve internally, she said, adding that the concept includes leadership and culture, is data-driven, and focused on digital transformation.

Employees around the world are allowed to work anywhere and go to their offices only when required, she said, adding that the principle boosts trust among employees and consumers.

The principle also enables Fujitsu to help customers cope with digital transformation and achieve their sustainable goals effectively, she said.

Kanokkamon LaohaburanakitKanokkamon Laohaburanakit

Fujitsu has 124,000 employees in over 100 countries. In Thailand, it employs 408 people.

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