MQDC has committed to applying innovative and high technology in operating its real estate business, focusing on theme projects and mixed-use project development.

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As Earth’s climate warms considerably, extreme heat is becoming more common, posing severe health risks to humans and leaving many regions concerned about the personal effects of global climate change. To combat these dreaded effects, most citizens are willing to change at least some aspects of their lives and work.

MQDC has committed to applying innovative and high technology in operating its real estate business, focusing on theme projects and mixed-use project development.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a leading real estate developer that is expanding globally under a unique business approach,recently held a private meeting with the media to discuss an innovative strategy for developing property projects linked to the metaverse to connect the real and virtual worlds.

The company aims to achieve its mission by untiringly tackling climate change and welcoming all communities to participate in their well-being and provide an overall sustainable society.

“MQDC has always prioritized innovation, investing hundreds of millions of baht in world-class research and development facilities such as our Research &Innovation for Sustainability Center and FutureTales Lab,” company CEO Visit Malaisirirat pointed out.

“They operate according to future trends under the concept of ‘Well-being’ for all. As you can see, our projects, such as ICON Siam, have become an open space for people living around to use. It’s what we call ‘inclusiveness’ which is one of our purpose for project development. Their work and discoveries contribute to our project’s vision and mission in delivering happiness and well-being through a future ‘sustainnovation’ lifestyle, which we are determined to achieve,” he saidVisit Malaisirirat, CEO, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)Visit Malaisirirat, CEO, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)

“MQDC’s The Forestias at Bang Na-Trat Km7, valued at more than 125 billion baht, witnessed residential sales totaling 17.2 billion baht by the end of January 2022. Meanwhile, Six Sense Residence, the brand’s first homes in Thailand, are now nearly 80 percent sold, with sales of more than 4.7 billion baht,” Visit said.

“In addition, Aspen Tree, a community for 50+ residents with holistic lifetime care, and Mulberry Grove, a community for multigenerational families, have achieved sales of more than 50 percent even during the Covid crisis,”according to Visit.

MQDC Business Unit president Keerin Chutumstid said that developing theme projects consisting of high technology and innovation from the company-owned labs require scale.

“So, it is necessary to consider the future direction and how it will benefit the community, the public, and society,” he said.

“We have gone in for research with our foreign partners to develop the project to build big green forests in cities and to identify pain points, whether they are global warming issues or problems occurring in the community, to usher in a better quality of life by focusing on developing happy and sustainable communities,” Keerin said.

“We have created more than just a place to live in: indeed, we want to foster positive relationships among families, residents, local communities, and ecosystems across all dimensions, along with a positive impact from innovation, to make the city livable and for the well-being of residents.

“We have joined hands with people in the surrounding community so they can use many of the facilities in The Forestias to make it a center of well-being and quality life not only for our residents but also to share benefits to people in the country.

“Also, we use technology digital data platforms to help society advance, and have developed products to fit their lifestyles,” Keerin explained.

According to him, MQDC develops The Forestias as its prototype for ‘theme project’. The Forestias resembles a “smart city” by allowing technology and innovation to lead to greater efficiency in terms of facilitation and quality of life.

The strength of the theme and mixed-use project, which is differentiated from others in the same real estate industry, are:

> A Central Utilities Plant System, which controls thermal energy storage and cold/hot water supply.

> A Water Management System to recycle wastewater before it is released into the Forest Lagoon.

>  Innovative biodiversity, air quality, and eco-materials.

All projects focus on reducing energy use and efficiently tackling global warming.

Aside from the company’s theme and mixed-use projects, which are all set to debut in the second half of 2022, the property developer has its sights on new technological advancements.

The first concrete realizations of MQDC’s metaverse project, which envisions a new realm that connects the real and virtual worlds, are also set to take place.

MQDC has been working with metaverse development specialist Accenture since March to create a unique experience for MQDC residents and the public, in line with the company’s core mission of providing happiness and well-being in both the real and virtual worlds, according to Mr Visit.

Leading animated series producer T&B Media Global (Thailand) is another MQDC partner. The firm is developing its Translucia metaverse, which will incorporate MQDC’s metaverse.

“We don’t just build properties in the virtual world,” Visit made clear. “What we do must be unique. We want to provide an experience beyond reality,giving people what they can’t get anywhere else. It has become a reality in our metaverse world. We will continuously disclose development progress beginning in the middle of the year,” he added.

As the meeting drew close, CEO Visit said the company would focus on expanding its theme and mixed-use projects. Every 2-3 years, a significant development with multiple sub-projects will be launched as a theme project. In addition, MQDC plans to develop more projects as it expands outside Bangkok in a typical move to create a sustainable society and well-being for residents.

Published : June 30, 2022

By : Varunsuda Karunayadhaj

‘Tasto’ officially launches new packaging, using “V-Violette” and “Off-Jumpol” as presenters to reach the new generation

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(PR News) Bangkok, June 30, 2022 – Berli Jucker Public Company Limited or BJC introduced ‘Tasto’ potato chips with unique flavors and new packaging with top-hit “Salt & Sour” for customers, especially the new generation presented by V- Violette and Off-Jumpol.

‘Tasto’ officially launches new packaging, using "V-Violette" and "Off-Jumpol" as presenters to reach the new generation

Dr Tul Wongsuphasawat, President of Consumer Products Business of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited or BJC revealed that “Tasto officially launched new packaging by inviting “V- Violette” and “Off-Jumpol” to introduce these 2 popular top-selling flavors of “Tasto Salt and Sour Flavour” and “Tasto Potato Chips Crab Curry Flavour” to convey the image of the brand Tasto. At the same time, we also released new advertisement on June 23, 2022. Tasto is also conducting promotional activities that include give-away free tasting and continuous online activities throughout the year.”

This year, Tasto is emphasizing the innovation through 3 main strategies: ‘Exciting Packaging’, to draw more attention, and to please the taste of customers. Potato chips snack is a product that has received a high response from consumers of all ages, especially among teenagers.

Tasto in its new packaging are available in all 8 flavors at convenience stores and department stores nationwide, consisting of 4 sizes: 5 baht, 20 baht, 30 baht, and 49 baht. Please follow the latest news from Tasto via Facebook Tasto Club or

Published : June 30, 2022


5 benefits of provident fund and why employers should have it

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Employee benefits are one of the deciding factors people use to choose a company they want to work with. These benefits may include bonuses, health insurance, incentives, and a provident fund, which is like saving for the pension fund of salary people.

5 benefits of provident fund and why employers should have it

Aprovident fund gains its capital from ‘contributions’ made by both employers and employees, which are tax also deductible. A provident fund can essentially strengthen employees’ sense of mental and financial stability while working for a company.

From the employer’s point of view, providing a provident fund for your staffers can benefit your company in many aspects, including:

  • Reduce quitting rate, as employees are feeling more secure and bonded with the company through provided benefits.
  • Employer’s contribution to the fund is tax-deductible.
  • Help attract new talents to join the organization by promoting the corporate image as a stable and caring employer.
  • Reduce disagreement in labour- and benefit-related issues, as employees will feel that they are treated fairly and not being taken advantage of.
  • Reduce the company’s burden on fund management, accounting, and financial reports, as the fund manager will be responsible for these tasks.

If you are interested in Principal’s provident fund, please visit

To set up a provident fund with us, contact

For more information, visit or Tel. 02-686-9500 press 2

Investors should study the conditions, returns, and risks of the funds before investing. Past turnover does not guarantee future turnover.

Published : June 30, 2022

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

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Thai Honda Co Ltd, a major manufacturer of power products, is celebrating a milestone of 45 million units produced, and exports to over 50 countries around the world.

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

The company said it has strengthened its position as the world’s “largest and fastest production base” for power products.

And it is now planning to further penetrate the Thai market through new distribution channels and turnkey after-sales services to cater to its customers.

“Thanks to highly efficient technology and production control, Thai Honda products are exported to 53 countries around the world, including Europe and the Americas,” said the company’s president, Shigeto Kimura.

A total of 39 million units have been exported globally, accounting for 93 per cent of the products produced.

“Thai Honda takes pride in its internationally accepted products made by Thai people, and is committed to developing products to meet our customers’ demand,” Kimura said.

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

According to him, the power products industry in Thailand started in 1987 as a production base and export hub. With constantly increasing demand and production capacity, Thai Honda has become the world’s largest factory of Honda power products. Also, with a production capacity of 16 seconds per unit, it is considered the fastest.

Thai Honda has achieved cumulative production of 45 million units.

Its eight product categories available in Thailand are: general-purpose engine, generator, water pump, backpack sprayer, brush cutter, lawn mower, outboard engine, and power tiller.

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

Distribution channels include Honda dealers and modern trade stores, such as Home Pro, DoHome, and Siam Global.

This year, Thai Honda has a plan to penetrate the domestic market by reaching more target groups through new distribution channels. The plan is to increase production for the local market from 7 per cent to 10 per cent and expand the dealer network of some existing 200 nationwide.

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

Published : June 30, 2022

Brekke addresses customer concerns on DTAC-True deal

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The DTAC-True merger will create better competition so customers should not be concerned about the increasing service price, Total Access Communication said.

Brekke addresses customer concerns on DTAC-True deal

Total Access Communication (DTAC) held a press conference on Thursday to explain the merger with True and its future direction.

Sigve Brekke, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Telenor Group, said that the company had entered the Thai market around 20 years ago and will stay for 20 more years.

He explained the company’s vision at that time was that every Thai deserves a mobile phone and should be able to afford it.

Brekke said Thailand’s mobile phone penetration is currently at 86 per cent with 98.5 million mobile connections. He called this Telenor’s growth 1.0 in Thailand.

Brekke speculated that Telenor’s growth in the next 20 years will be different.

Brekke addresses customer concerns on DTAC-True deal

The telecommunications industry is facing a “perfect storm” with new technologies, including 5G, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things.

He said that it will no longer be about connecting people together but about connecting machines and physical objects to the internet.

He highlighted new ways consumers, businesses and governments can use these technologies.

Brekke addresses customer concerns on DTAC-True deal

He cited four examples based on real cases such as the factory’s 5G private network to control robots via live-feed, the 5G network and AI for port operations in Malaysia, the Norwegian Defence’s piloting private network, and campus mobile for hospitals that give highly robust connectivity to connect with patients at houses or ambulances.

He emphasised that the competitive landscape would be different as competitors will not just be traditional telcos but global platform companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft.

They will be both partners and also competitors. Brekke added that Telenor has signed global partnerships with AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Therefore, the merger between these two telecommunications companies will create a new ‘telecom-tech company’, and not merge one telecom company with another.

It will revolutionise new products and services by creating new technologies and innovations and strengthen competition in the country by combining two weaker companies into one stronger company.

Brekke said, “What Telenor is trying to build in Thailand is not a telco company. We are trying to build a new technology company that will enable Thailand to take advantage of the perfect storm of technologies and deliver new products and services for Thailand.

“We can only do so if we have scale to partner these global companies. A small local telco will not be of interest to these global companies who are after scale.”, Brekke added.

Brekke cited the merger between Telenor Group’s subsidiary Digi and Celcom in Malaysia as similar to the proposed DTAC-True merger

Brekke addresses customer concerns on DTAC-True deal

Jørgen Rostrup, executive vice president and head of Telenor Asia, added that the merger will create a strong company that can invest and contribute to future digital and technology development in Thailand.

He mentioned that the merger would help in investing in new technologies and customers would be able to access at an affordable price because the company could not invest by itself as the technology has a high cost.

It is an opportunity for Thailand to be propelled into growth 2.0 and put the country at the forefront, as Thailand has the potential to be the leader in technology, Brekke said.

He said the reason for the merger was that Thailand needs two strong market players, not one strong and two weak.

Rostrup said that the new company will be good for consumers, businesses, startups and stakeholders.

He added that Telenor’s mission is to empower society by upholding highly responsible business standards, supporting digital talent development and creating a workplace that is fit for the future.

Brekke addresses customer concerns on DTAC-True deal

They also told the press that the merger process is expected to finish at the end of this year as the regulator — the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NTBC) — is doing its job and the company expected the process will finish in July. After that, the company has to seek approval from shareholders and investors.

They warned that Thailand would lose an opportunity to put the country at the forefront if the merger was blocked.

They assured consumers again that the price would be controlled by the mechanism while NBTC has a role to regulate and control it.

Published : June 30, 2022


Covestro launches “Hands for a Brighter World” campaign to turn waste to value under fully circular concept

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June 29, 2022 – Covestro, a world leader in polymer materials, organized “Hands for a Brighter World” campaign to drive sustainability by upcycling plastic wastes under the fully circular concept.

Covestro launches “Hands for a Brighter World” campaign to turn waste to value under fully circular concept

The project aims at promoting efficient management of plastic wastes which can be recycled and bring them back to the loop and generate value to them again according to the circular economy principle. The activity includes supporting plastic waste sorting stations for further recycling to Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) by the Department of Environment in collaboration with Less Plastic Thailand Network. The collected plastic waste, PET bottles, will be recycled into high-visibility working suits to enhance the safety of road sweepers in Bangkok. The handover of the sorting stations was held on June 17 at the Bangkok City Hall 2. In addition, five more stations were installed at the Covestro manufacturing site in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong province where employees are encouraged to donate recyclable plastic wastes so they can be recycled and create value back to the community and society.

Dr Timo Slawinski, Managing Director of Covestro (Thailand) said, “Covestro’s mission is to promote innovation and growth with profitable products and technologies that benefit society while reducing the impact on the environment. We would like to pass over value and sustainability to our future generation, therefore, we make every effort to align our vision on the direction of circular economy. By creating new ideas and innovations that benefits to reserving and making most use of the natural resources that is being scarce, bringing them back to the loop, reducing impact from plastic wastes and promoting reduction of greenhouse gas emission throughout the value chain.

Covestro launches “Hands for a Brighter World” campaign to turn waste to value under fully circular concept

“In March, Covestro announced our 2035 Climate Neutrality Target. Therefore, our campaign, “Hands for a Brighter World” shares a common vision and goal with the “Bangkok Magic Hands” project. This initiative comprises two of Covestro’s core values together: commitment to safety and sustainability, enabling us to turn waste into value. The results are road sweeper personal safety devices – high-visibility suits made from recycled plastic bottles – for the BMA and the Map Ta Phut Municipality.”

Ms Khawissara Wattanapisit, Head of Communication ASEAN Covestro (Thailand), said, “The Hands for a Brighter World project is one of the latest social activities to reiterate Covestro vision for sustainable business operations under the circular economy concept to protect our limited resources. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint seriously to reduce the impact on climate change which, in turn, creates opportunities for future generations in the long term. This project is an outstanding example of collaboration among multiple stakeholders who are aware of the problems and working together to reduce the plastic waste problem. This collaboration not only promotes sustainability at the community level but also contributes to national and global levels. To achieve our common targets, one hand or party cannot succeed on its own, but collaboration is needed – this is where the project name stems from.”

Covestro launches “Hands for a Brighter World” campaign to turn waste to value under fully circular concept

Mr Wirat Manassanitwong, Director of the Department of Environment, BMA, revealed, “The BMA top environmental policy is to achieve Net Zero greenhouse emissions and this is well supported by the private sector, hence the creation of this network. The BMA currently encourages the private sector to collaborate on 4 types of activities: renewable energy, green zone expansion by tree planting, waste reduction & management, and traffic management. Recently we organized Earth Hour in March as 1 of 190 countries around the world to switch to electricity at night to raise awareness of energy conservation. We are also campaigning waste pollution prevention with 17 districts on the Chao Phraya River, aiming to reduce littering in the river, and have so far held activities in 3 districts.

“At present, a number of corporations have volunteered to plant trees in BMA public areas or requested the BMA to arrange for areas in support of the BMA Governor’s 1 Million Tree Planting Policy. The “Bangkok Magic Hands” project is a collaboration of several parties with the BMA acting as the middleman in arranging for locations where donors can contribute. We are pleased that Covestro offer plastic waste sorting stations that are attractive and interesting to the public which helps promote actual waste sorting from all. We plan to use some of the collected PET bottles, upcycle them into PPE, and if they are can achieve existing safety standards and comfort requirements, then we will offer them to our road sweepers.”

Covestro is among the leading global polymers manufacturers with a vision to create a better world by driving a circular economy and optimizing the utilization of resources. We produce plastics sustainably, drawing on the benefits of alternative raw materials and renewable energies. To realize our vision we are committed to reducing plastic wastes and airborne emissions, as well as improving waste management. Moreover, we strive to innovate new technologies to recycle discarded products and materials and turn them into raw materials once again.

Covestro in Thailand is committed to raising environmental protection awareness among the youth through the regular organization of educational activities and the publication of educational materials. This includes the booklet series titled “Bright Minds for a Brighter World” for primary schools in Thailand to educate the importance of waste sorting under the circular economy concept. We also organize workshops for teachers on environmental management both in Bangkok and Rayong.

Published : June 30, 2022


BTS leading to unlimited business opportunities with 3M strategies

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BTS Group strives to improve the quality of life and well-being of people through the integration of core businesses. The Group has developed and created an innovative ‘3M strategy’ comprising MOVE, MIX, and MATCH, leading to unlimited business growth.

BTS leading to unlimited business opportunities with 3M strategies

Published : June 30, 2022


Thai exports grow substantially, but imports still surging ahead

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Thailand’s export sector saw a growth of over 10 per cent in May and almost 13 per cent in the first five months of this year, Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said on Friday.

Thai exports grow substantially, but imports still surging ahead

This healthy growth is expected to continue for the remainder of the year, and the Commerce Ministry’s target of 4 to 5 per cent expansion for 2022 is likely to be achieved, he said.

Jurin, who doubles as deputy prime minister, said exports would continue to serve as the economy’s main driving force this year, with tourism coming in a close second.

In May, Thailand’s exports were worth US$25.5 billion (905.2 billion baht), marking a 10.5 per cent increase year on year. Imports during the month totalled $27.3 billion (969.1 billion baht), marking a 24.2 per cent hike. This resulted in a trade deficit of $1.8 billion (63.9 billion baht) in May.

The first five months of the year saw exports rise 12.9 per cent, at a total value of $122.6 billion (4.3 trillion baht), while imports expanded 20.2 per cent, totalling $127.3 billion (4.5 trillion baht). The trade deficit in the first five months of this year totalled $4.7 billion (166.8 billion baht).

Thai exports grow substantially, but imports still surging ahead

The commerce minister attributed the rise in Thai exports to five key factors: successful policy in exporting food and beverages, the Thaifex-Anuca Asia 2022 food expo, implementation of free trade agreements, global economic recovery, and a weaker baht that makes Thai products more competitive.

Published : July 01, 2022

Survival not easy if instant noodles price stays same: manufacturers

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Consumer goods giant Saha Group is once again calling on the government to allow manufacturers to increase the price of instant noodles as companies are now making losses.

Survival not easy if instant noodles price stays same: manufacturers

Thamarat Chokwatana, director and executive vice president of ICC International Plc, said this at the Saha Group Fair on Thursday.

He said the company has asked the government for permission to increase the price of instant noodles from 6 baht per packet. Choosing not to elaborate on what the new price would be, he only said that the cost of production has risen by more than 10 per cent as the price of each ingredient has risen several fold.

Thamarat said the price of instant noodles, like detergent, is controlled so it is difficult to adjust the price tag when production cost rises. The price of other products is controlled by market mechanisms, he said.

He added that instant-noodle manufacturers are trying to maintain the price for as long as possible, but will not be able to do this for too long.

He added that a 1-baht increase in price may not be enough if the cost of ingredients continues rising.

Thamarat added that he understands why the government wants to keep the price unchanged, but if prices are not adjusted then companies will start making huge losses.

Saha Group had called on the Commerce Ministry in June for permission to increase prices, but the request was rejected.

Survival not easy if instant noodles price stays same: manufacturers

The four-day Saha Group Fair, which wraps up on Sunday, is being held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Bitec).

Manufacturers sell products at original prices in a bid to help ease consumers’ burden of rising living costs. Thammarat said this year’s fair is bigger than ever, especially since this is the first on-site event since the arrival of Covid-19 in early 2020.

Survival not easy if instant noodles price stays same: manufacturers

Published : July 01, 2022


Risk-off market, dropping gold may weaken baht today

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The baht opened at 35.33 to the US dollar on Friday, strengthening from Thursday’s closing of 35.37, and is expected to move between 35.25 and 35.40 during the day.

Risk-off market, dropping gold may weaken baht today

Krungthai Bank market strategist Poon Panichpibool reckons the baht will strengthen as the dollar weakens, but said the baht will possibly fluctuate and weaken if foreign investments flow out and the market remains in a risk-off state.

The baht may also weaken if the gold price drops to its main support level of US$1,800 per ounce, encouraging some investors to buy at the dip.

He also warned investors to beware of the baht’s volatility before and after eurozone inflation figures have been revealed at 4pm Thailand time.

If inflation in Europe is high, the market will expect the European Central Bank to increase the interest rate, which will strengthen the euro and baht, and weaken the dollar.

Poon advises investors to use hedging tools like options to manage their risks in the highly volatile currency market.

Published : July 01, 2022