Nothing without my smartphone

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Nothing without my smartphone

Jul 05. 2019

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With smartphone use constantly on the use and nowhere more so then in the Asia-Pacific region, it comes as no surprise to learn from Expedia’s global aeroplane and hotel etiquette study that more than 50 per cent of travel bookings in APAC countries are made on mobile devices.

According to Expedia Group, approximately 1 in 3 global hotel room nights are booked via mobile and more than 50 per cent of global traffic on Expedia Group sites is via mobile. Expedia Thailand today released additional results from its annual 2019 Aeroplane and Hotel Etiquette Study, which highlights booking preferences among Asia Pacific travellers.

Conducted on behalf of Expedia by Northstar Research Partners, the 2019 study revealed that travellers are increasingly making their travel planning and bookings on their mobile devices. The top five countries in the Asia Pacific region that disclosed their extreme likeliness to book their plane tickets and hotel on a mobile device are India, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

From a total of 600 Thai respondents surveyed who had taken an average of either 11 personal or 10 business flights per year, 67 per cent have said that they are extremely likely to book their flight tickets on a mobile device, 18 per cent are somewhat likely and 15 per cent least or not likely to do so.

When it comes to hotel bookings, 70 per cent of the respondents indicate that they are likely to book their hotel using a mobile device, 18 per cent are somewhat likely and 12 per cent least or not likely to do so.

According to a new market research study by AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution company, mobile users in APAC will account for 50 per cent of global apps installed by 2020, which is three times more than in any other region. Growth is forecast to gradually decrease as the market matures but will be sustained by substantial increment in media costs and mobile usage, as well as the overall number of paid campaigns, apps available, and mobile users.

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