Thai chicken exports to China rise 75% #SootinClaimon.Com

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Thai chicken exports to China rise 75%

NationalOct 13. 2020

By The Nation

The value of Thai chicken exports to China has risen 75 per cent this year, powered by no less than 23 Thai poultry factories now operating in the People’s Republic.

Wichuda Akaramethathip, director the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) office in China, said this year’s African swine flu outbreak had forced China to produce more chicken. The downside is that the chicken price in August dropped 1.6 per cent year on year for the first time in three years.

Chinese official statistics reveal that Covid-19 wiped 30 per cent off business turnover, but China’s market for chicken rose by 93 per cent to US$1.99 billion (Bt62 billion) this year.

Thai shipments account for 9 per cent of chicken imported by China so far in 2020.

Thailand has sent a total 78,369 tonnes of fresh chicken to China this year, with volume up 70 per cent and value up 75 per cent to $222.41 million year on year.

The increase in Thai chicken shipments to China this year has generated huge income for Thailand, Wichuda said.

A crucial factor in the trade was the registration of eight new Thai poultry factories in China, bringing the total to 23. However, because demand has not yet matched increased production, the price has fallen in China, so Thai chicken exporters should monitor Chinese markets closely, she added.

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