BTS agency listed amid fanfare on stock market #SootinClaimon.Com

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BTS agency listed amid fanfare on stock market

InternationalOct 15. 2020(Yonhap)(Yonhap) 

By The Korea Herald/ANN

Big Hit Entertainment, the management agency of K-pop superstar BTS, soared to the maximum daily ceiling of 30 percent as it debuted on South Korea’s main bourse Thursday.

With the opening bell, the company’s stocks spiked by 30 percent to 351,000 won ($306), but Big Hit Entertainment exchanged hands up 19.44 percent at 322,500 won as of 9:33 a.m.

“We will uphold the stockholder’s value in various terms by raising profitability, growth potentials and contributions to society,” Big Hit Entertainment head Bang Si-hyuk said at the listing ceremony, which was livestreamed on YouTube.

“We will spur efforts to become the world’s best entertainment and lifestyle company,” he added.

BTS members were not present at the ceremony.

The ceremony marked the first initial public offering (IPO) celebration in about three months, due to the new coronavirus.

The agency has been called one of this year’s three big IPO deals in South Korea, along with biopharmaceutical blue chip SK Biopharmaceuticals and mobile game giant Kakao Games.

Big Hit Entertainment chief Bang holds the most shares (12,377,337), or a 36.6 percent stake in Big Hit Entertainment, according to the agency and financial industry data.

Last year, the agency’s annual sales almost doubled to 587.2 billion won, with an operating profit of 98.7 billion won. (Yonhap)

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