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Xi: Make COVID vaccines public good (nationthailand.com)

Xi: Make COVID vaccines public good

Nov 22. 2020

President Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping

By China Daily

BEIJING – President Xi Jinping on Saturday attended the G20 Riyadh Summit and delivered a speech at the summit via video link in Beijing. Here are some highlights:

Fighting pandemic

– The G20 should make concerted efforts in fighting the most serious pandemic in a century.

– The G20 should support the WHO in coordinating resource allocation to ensure equitable and efficient distribution of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

– China will honor its commitment of giving assistance and support to other developing countries, and work to make vaccines a global public good accessible and affordable to people around the world.

– Strengthening the global public health system as well as preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases are the most urgent tasks at present.

Free trade

– The G20 should ensure the smooth functioning of the global economy and restore the secure and smooth operation of global industrial and supply chains, reduce tariffs and barriers.

– The G20 should firmly safeguard the rules-based multilateral trading system that is transparent, nondiscriminatory, open and inclusive.

– The G20 should promote free trade, oppose unilateralism and protectionism, and safeguard developing countries’ right to and space of development.

– China’s new development paradigm is by no means to close its doors but to build a new system of open economy of higher standards.

Digital economy

– The G20 should advance its efforts in harnessing the role of the digital economy as the pandemic has fueled the boom of new technologies, new business forms and new platforms.

– The G20 should enhance data security cooperation, strengthen the digital infrastructure, and level the playing field for high-tech companies from all countries.

– The G20 should address the challenges posed by the digital economy to employment, taxation and vulnerable groups, and seek to bridge the digital divide.

– The G20 should promote the sound growth of digital economy and jointly nurture a digital development environment that is open, fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory.

– China is ready to work with all parties to explore and formulate digital governance rules on the basis of the China-proposed Global Initiative on Data Security.

– China supports strengthening dialogues on artificial intelligence and proposes holding a conference in this field at an appropriate time.

– The G20 should explore the formulation of standards and principles on the legitimate digital currencies in an open and inclusive manner.

Inclusive development

– China has fully implemented the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative while overcoming its own difficulties, with the total amount exceeding $1.3 billion.

– China will strengthen measures on debt suspension and relief for countries with particular difficulties.

– China proposes convening a global conference on reducing food losses when appropriate.

– China has proposed convening Global Summit of Women again in 2025 to contribute to women’s development during the post-pandemic era.

Global governance

– The pandemic is a grave challenge which has exposed the deficiencies of global governance.

– The G20 should strengthen UN-centered international system and improve the governance architecture for economic globalization, as well as support to the reform of the WTO.

– Efforts should be taken to strengthen the role of the WHO and advance the prevention of and response to pandemics to build a community of health for all.

– The G20 should further curtail the production and use of non-essential, disposable plastic goods.

– A complete ban should be taken on illegal wildlife trade.

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