Thai researchers develop overnight-dialysis machine to cut treatment time, costs #SootinClaimon.Com

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Thai researchers develop overnight-dialysis machine to cut treatment time, costs

Mar 31. 2021

By The NationResearchers at the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) have unveiled a breakthrough for patients with chronic kidney disease who need dialysis or haemodialysis.

The NSTDA’s Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Machine reduces the time and cost of dialysis for patients while also making it far more convenient.

“In traditional peritoneal dialysis, patients have to undergo dialysis three to four times a day, which may not be convenient,” Dr Decho Surangsrirat, senior researcher at NSTDA’s Assistive Technology and Medical Devices Research Centre (A-MED), explained.

“The automatic peritoneal dialysis machine developed by the NSTDA research team has an automatic dialysis solution exchange control system. It can work automatically at night during sleep, with the patient only wired up once before going to bed, making dialysis more convenient so they can spend the day studying or doing various activities.”

Peritoneal dialysis uses a tube inserted into the peritoneum in a person’s abdomen to remove excess fluid, correct electrolyte problems, and remove toxins in those with kidney failure.

Dr Decho added that his research team had developed a third-generation automatic peritoneal dialysis machine which will be registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The second-generation machine has already passed Electrical and Electronic Product Testing Centre (PTEC) standards and is undergoing pilot trials at Thammasat University’s Faculty of Medicine. The third-generation machine features a more efficient delivery and drainage system, including a connection upgrade with mobile phone applications and online systems that send results to the doctor immediately.

The research team is now working with the private sector to develop a business model that gives patients full access to the machine.

In Thailand, 17.5 per cent of the population (11.6 million people) suffer from chronic kidney disease – a figure that is increasing every year. The medical costs for patients with end-stage kidney failure are at least Bt200,000 per person per year.

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