6 missing Covid-positive foreigners found in Koh Chang

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The six Covid-positive foreigners who had gone missing were tracked down in Koh Chang on Saturday.

6 missing Covid-positive foreigners found in Koh Chang

Tourist Police Office 6 Inspector Pol Lt-Colonel Pattanapong Siricharoennam said the six tourists claimed they did not intend to escape and that they had not been informed of their test results.

“We have cooperated with public health officials in Koh Chang to provide medical treatment to the six tourists,” Pattanapong said.

Trat authorities on Friday launched a hunt for the six foreigners who had entered Thailand under the Test & Go scheme and checked out of their hotels in Koh Chang after testing positive for Covid-19 on January 4.

“Their test results came back positive for Covid-19, but the authorities have not been able to contact them since Wednesday [January 5] and we believe they may have left the island,” acting Koh Chang district chief Chanchai Phacharawarangkun said on Friday.

The tourists who had gone missing are:

• Arnaud Cachia, 32 (France)

• Romain Thiauld Gretten, 32 (France)

• Marek Zbignien Bonleckl, 62 (Poland)

• Krause Dariusz Tomasz, 51 (Poland)

• Oleheming Borgem Kolstad, 38 (Norway)

• Johan Debernardi, 31 (Switzerland)

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Published : January 09, 2022


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