No increase in cost of ‘Mama’ noodles

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No increase in cost of ‘Mama’ noodles

“The manufacturer has insisted that the price of Mama instant noodles in bag form will remain the same as the company is committed to helping alleviate people’s financial burden,” Manlika Boonmeetrakul-Mahasuk, adviser to the Commerce minister, said on Wednesday.

“The company said it would employ a cost management strategy to deal with the increasing costs of wheat flour and palm oil, the two key ingredients in instant noodles.”

Apart from the highly popular Mama instant noodles, which retail starting at 5-6 baht per bag, Thai President Foods also manufactures instant rice porridge and a variety of biscuits.

Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit has urged manufacturers of necessary consumer goods to fix prices as long as they can so people are not burdened further at a time when prices of several farm products are skyrocketing, Manlika added.

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Published : January 12, 2022


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