Thai deputy minister kicks off Apec agro biotechnology teleconference

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Deputy Agriculture Minister Mananya Thaiset opened a teleconference of agricultural ministers from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation nations on biotechnology.

Thai deputy minister kicks off Apec agro biotechnology teleconference

The online meeting was called “Apec High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology Webinar, Genetic Engineering and Genome Editing in Agriculture, Application, and Challenges”.

In her opening speech, Mananya said growing global food insecurity required all sectors to deal with challenges in agriculture by using technology to create food stability and sustainability as well as making sure food is safe for global populations.

Agriculture Department director-general Rapeepat Chansriwong gave a lecture on agricultural biotechnology under the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy model.

He told the webinar the Agriculture Department attached importance to the use of advanced agricultural technology and biotechnology to reform the sector, with the three goals of safety, security and sustainability in producing food.

Rapeepat said various research on biotechnology and genome editing have been carried out in the county to improve the quality and production of cash crops and herbs in accordance with the BCG model.

He cited genetic engineering of marijuana and hemp and kratom leaves to yield more substances that are useful for medical and industrial purposes.

Thailand welcomes investment from Apec members in agricultural biotechnology especially in the Eastern Economic Corridor, Rapeepat added.

Published : May 11, 2022


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