Thai soldiers can shop on Lazada again as ban over tactless ad lifted

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The Royal Thai Army has revoked its order prohibiting all military units from shopping on Lazada and keeping Lazada delivery trucks out of military complexes, deputy spokesman Colonel Sirichan Ngathong said.

Thai soldiers can shop on Lazada again as ban over tactless ad lifted

She said Army chief General Narongpan Jitkaewtha had announced at a top brass meeting on Monday that the ban on Lazada will be revoked immediately now that it is facing legal procedure over inappropriate advertising.

The Army had boycotted the online shopping platform on May 9 in response to a controversial TikTok ad posted a week earlier to promote Lazada’s 5.5 sales campaign.

The ad, created by influencers Aniwat Prathumthin aka Nara Crepe Katoey and Thidaporn “Nurat” Chaokuwiang, depicted a woman in a wheelchair being bullied by another character of noble birth.

The TikTok clip sparked an uproar on the net and Narongpan immediately announced a boycott of Lazada –insisting it was to protect the monarchy.

On Monday, Narongpan said that in line with the government’s policies on economic recovery and reopening the country, Army personnel will be allowed to shop on Lazada and delivery trucks can enter military complexes.

Meanwhile, Sirichan said families of new recruits will be able to visit training facilities as part of “Open House” events that will be held regularly from July onwards. Learning centres and tourist attractions within Army areas will also be opened to the general public.

Published : June 21, 2022


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