Zipmex Thailand starts returning SOL coins to its customers

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Zipmex Thailand has announced that it would gradually return three types of crypto coins to its customers whose ZipUp+ accounts have been frozen, starting with SOL.

Zipmex Thailand starts returning SOL coins to its customers

Zipmex Thailand said all of its clients, who have deposited in the ZipUp+ product of Zipmex Global in Singapore, would get their SOL, XRP and ADA coins back in full but one type at a time.

On Tuesday, Zipmex Thailand clients will receive all of their SOL coins frozen in ZipUp+.

The XRP coins will be returned on Thursday and ADA coins on August 9, Zipmex Thailand said.

It said the balance of the coins of its clients will be credited to their Trade Wallet.

On July 20, Zipmex Thailand paused trading for two hours to disable ZipUP+ product from its platform due to problems faced by its partners.

Zipmex Thailand had earlier announced it was looking for investors so that it could return frozen coins in ZipUp+ accounts to its clients.

Published : August 02, 2022


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