Innovative educational metaverse called the ‘aniverse’ is 25 per cent complete

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A project to develop an “aniverse” – a revolutionary educational metaverse which is expected to transform Thailand’s education system – is currently 25 per cent complete.

Innovative educational metaverse called the ‘aniverse’ is 25 per cent complete

The project to troubleshoot issues and reduce social inequality was launched in January under cooperation between consumer electronics manufacturer Anitech and digital service provider Creative Digital Living.

As of Tuesday, the project had garnered cooperation from government and private agencies, such as the Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Ministry, blockchain developer xChain and as many as 17 universities.

Creative Digital Living executive chairman and co-founder Pitchyen Hongpakdee said the aniverse is being developed under a four-phase plan.

The educational metaverse plan, which went into operation in January, will run until December next year. The development is currently in the second phase spanning July to December this year.

The company has cooperated with universities to enable 500,000 lecturers and students to access the metaverse, Pitchyen said.

Innovative educational metaverse called the ‘aniverse’ is 25 per cent complete

“We believe that in the future we can find a way to attract dropouts and low-income students back to school in the digital world,” he said.

The partnership with xChain will help reduce transaction fees in the metaverse, making the community as perfect as possible and creating opportunities for all users, Pitchyen added.

Meanwhile, Creative Digital Living Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Ampornsak Angkatavanich said the aniverse features two systems – a Learning Management System and Edu GameFi to troubleshoot limitations in offline and online classes, and combine the worlds of learning and gaming.

Ampornsak said the aniverse also has an artificial intelligence system that enables students to discover their identity and reduce the teaching preparation for lecturers by up to 20 per cent.

Innovative educational metaverse called the ‘aniverse’ is 25 per cent complete

“With a massive online role-playing game system, students can create their virtual avatar to complete missions in a learning space to obtain non-fungible tokens and experience points,” he said.

Students will also be able to study and work in the metaverse, which will enable them to enter the labour market when they turn 18, Ampornsak said.

Innovative educational metaverse called the ‘aniverse’ is 25 per cent complete

The company will offer free land on the metaverse to the 17 universities that participated in the project by August this year, he added.

Published : August 03, 2022


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