OSMEP Eyes 1 Million Registrants On ‘SME ONE ID’ Platform By Year-End

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OSMEP eyes 1 million registrants on ‘SME ONE ID’ platform by year-end

OSMEP Eyes 1 Million Registrants On ‘SME ONE ID’ Platform By Year-End



To Promote Seamless Business Operations And Contribute To Thailand’s Economic Recovery, The Office Of Small And Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) Is Aiming To Attract Entrepreneurs And Banks To Join Its “SME ONE ID” Platform In A Bid To Secure At Least 1 Million Registrants By Year-End.

SME ONE ID helps micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) operators to access government services using a single identification on one unified system. Developed under a collaboration between OSMEP and the Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), the platform has been designed to reduce overlapping procedures and streamline registration and documentation processes.

OSMEP eyes 1 million registrants on ‘SME ONE ID’ platform by year-end

Weeraphong Malai, OSMEP Director, says that since the project was launched on June 21, the office has signed memoranda of understanding with 16 public and private agencies who agreed to support MSME operators to join the platform. These partners include CP All, Siam Makro, True Corporation, Index Creative Village, The Mall Group, Export-Import Bank of Thailand, Bank of China (Thai), Tellscore Ltd, TikTok, Thailand Environment Institute and Bank of Ayudhya.

“OSMEP is working with partners such as the Industry, Commerce, Labour, Higher Education and Public Health ministries in integrating their database and e-services into the SME ONE ID system, which will help attract even more entrepreneurs and financial institutes to join the platform,” said Weeraphong. “We hope that by yearend there will be at least 1 million verified registrants on the SME ONE ID platform.”

Weeraphong added that registrants will be able for apply for various government e-services from different agencies without having to register for a new account and waiting for the agency to verify their identity.

OSMEP eyes 1 million registrants on ‘SME ONE ID’ platform by year-end

Business operators can also expect specialised services from OSMEP across three spheres, namely business development (including cost reduction), marketing channel expansion, and connecting with capital sources.

“Thanks to seamless database integration and security technology powered by the Digital Government Development Agency, SME ONE ID offers a fast, secure and reliable way for entrepreneurs to contact and receive services from government agencies,” he said. “It also allows business operators to access vital information in different industries from agencies such as the Department of Provincial Administration, Department of Business Development, and other community enterprises.”

OSMEP eyes 1 million registrants on ‘SME ONE ID’ platform by year-end

By using the SME ONE ID platform, business operators can do away with filling different forms issued by each agency and instead scan a QR Code to access e-services immediately. OSMEP is also piloting the “SME Fast Lane” system at Bangkok offices of the Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to offer express services to registrants under SME ONE ID. Weeraphong expects that all branches of FDA throughout the country will have SME Fast Lanes by next year.

“Other benefits of SME ONE ID include privileges offered by partners, such as The Mall and CP Group, who will extend buyers’ credit terms from 30 to 45 days if they register on SME ONE ID,” he added.

OSMEP eyes 1 million registrants on ‘SME ONE ID’ platform by year-end

DGA director Suphoj Thianwut added that the project is part of the government effort to employ digital technology to improve the services and facilitate business operations of MSME operators, whom the government realises are the backbone of Thailand’s economy. “Furthermore, as the user base continues to grow, SME ONE ID will eventually become a platform that compiles and manages Big Data of Thai MSMEs for policy planners and future investors,” he said.

To register for SME ONE ID, go to Bizportal.go.th or use the SME Connext mobile application. After the verification is complete you will receive an ID that can access government e-services via the website https://oneid.sme.go.th

Bizportal is a portal website developed by DGA that links services of government agencies with a focus on certification and permit approval in digital format for both entrepreneurs and the general public. Currently, 91 types of permits across 25 industries can be applied for and approved on Bizportal.


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