Arnon threatens police with legal action over assault on protesters

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Arnon threatens police with legal action over assault on protesters

Arnon threatens police with legal action over assault on protesters


The Ratsadon Yoot Apec (Citizens Stop Apec) group filed police complaints against riot police officers who allegedly used violent measures to disperse protesters from Dinso Road.

The group was marching down Dinso Road on Friday morning to submit a letter to international leaders attending the Apec Summit at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. The letter called on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign.

One of Ratsadon’s leaders, Arnon Nampa, said several protesters were injured from the tear gas and rubber bullets fired by the police. One may even lose his eye, he said.

Arnon, a human-rights lawyer, has vowed to take legal action against police officers at all levels, saying he had both video clips and photos as evidence.

He also called on other parties who have been injured during the crackdown to file complaints as well.

Meanwhile, Dr Tosaporn Sererak, a former government spokesman, told reporters on Saturday that he visited the victims at hospitals and learned that three persons have suffered severe eye injuries from rubber bullets. One person suffered a torn eye muscle and fractured eye socket. Doctors say the patient’s eye has yet to respond to light.

Tosaporn worked as a spokesman for Yingluck Shinawatra’s government and later became famous for providing medical care to political protesters.

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