Messi’s hometown hopes to witness Argentina’s third World Cup championship

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Messi's hometown hopes to witness Argentina's third World Cup championship

Messi’s hometown hopes to witness Argentina’s third World Cup championship


Residents of Rosario, Lionel Messi’s hometown and Argentina’s third largest city, have expressed their hope to witness the country’s third FIFA World Cup championship with Messi’s superb performance.

Rosario, located 300 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, is the shipping centre for northeastern Argentina. Messi’s childhood home is on the Lavalleja (525), a small street in Rosario.

The two-story building where Messi and his family once lived has become a famous tourist spot now. The large portrait on the wall of the house was painted after Messi had become famous.

The elementary school, No.66 General Las Heras, is the school Messi attended till around age 12.

In 2005, Messi paid a visit to his alma mater, which greatly inspired the students at that time.

“As Messi’s ambitiousness and bravery are what we value the most, our students are always pursuing excellence no matter it comes to sports or study,” said Anastasia, headmistress of the elementary school.

Now, the streets of Rosario are adorned with various World Cup elements, and one of the most striking is Messi’s jersey. Local people are expecting Argentina to win the third World Cup under the leadership of Messi.

“We need a new leader after Diego Maradona to lead Argentina to win another World Cup title. We’ve been craving for such glory to come one more time,” said Manolier, a university student in Rosario.

“It’s going to be a tough final, but I believe Messi and Argentina will win it,” said Marcelo, a local resident.

Argentina will play France in the World Cup final at the Lusail Stadium on Sunday night, as both sides aim to win the trophy for the third time.


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