South Korean Culture Ministry recommends must-see spots

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South Korean Culture Ministry recommends must-see spots

South Korean Culture Ministry recommends must-see spots


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization have unveiled the 100 Must-visit Tourist Spots in Korea list for the years 2023 to 2024.

The list is updated every two years, with the aim to introduce and promote Korea tourism to both Koreans and foreigners.

The latest list includes a total of 61 cultural attractions and 39 natural attractions.

By region, 24 destinations are located in the greater Seoul area, 10 in Gangwon Province, 13 in Chungcheong provinces, 17 in Jeolla provinces, 28 in Gyeongsang Province and six in Jeju island.

A total of 14 spots have been selected six consecutive times since the list was launched in 2013.

Newly chosen destinations include the five Joseon palaces in Seoul, Jeju Olle-gil Trail, Jeonju Hanok Village and Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto, destinations that are already well known.

The 33 new additions on the list are evenly scattered out across the country, including Seoul Forest, Changwon Yeojwacheon Stream, Chuncheon Samaksan Moutain Lake Cable Car, Iksan Archaeological Site in Wanggung-ri and Tongyeong Dpirang Garden.

The 100 tourist spots in Korea were chosen from 235 destinations through a three-step screening process.

Mobile carriers, navigation apps and social media were used to gather big data while academics, journalists and travel writers took part in the final screening.

The Culture Ministry said it has placed several of the chosen locations in “Travel Hunter K,” a series of Zepeto’s metaverse platform content, for a virtual experience of the destinations.

Next year’s Korea Travel Expo, hosted by the Culture Ministry, will have a hall dedicated solely to introducing the 100 Must-visit Tourist Spots in Korea. The ministry will also support the production of promotional videos of each location for marketing purposes.

South Korean Culture Ministry recommends must-see spots

“Next year, we will promote both the K-culture popular destinations and the beautiful natural landscapes of the country so that global travellers can think of Korea as a place to go to and experience.” an official at the Culture Ministry’s national tourism policy bureau said.

Pamphlets containing information on the must-visit sites can be obtained at tourist information centres around the country and at information booths in airports and KTX stations.

HiKR Ground, a popular venue for travellers near Gwanghwamun Station operated by the KTO, will also have pamphlets for distribution.

English, Chinese and Japanese versions of the pamphlet will be available as early as mid-January, according to the KTO’s marketing team.

The Korean version is now available online through the Visitkorea website.

The Korea Herald

Asia News Network

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