Bangkok male model loses appeal, gets 8 years for death of ‘pretty’ Lunlabelle

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Bangkok male model loses appeal, gets 8 years for death of ‘pretty’ Lunlabelle

Bangkok male model loses appeal, gets 8 years for death of ‘pretty’ Lunlabelle


The Appeal Court upheld a lower court’s verdict sentencing actor/model Rachadech “Nam Oon” Wongthabutr to eight years in jail over the death of Thitima “Lunlabelle” Noraphanpiphat.

In the early hours of September 17, 2019, Rachadech was caught on CCTV dumping Thitima’s lifeless body on a sofa in the lobby of his condo in Bangkok’s Thonburi district.

The pair had been working as “pretties” at a house party in Nonthaburi’s Bang Bua Thong district.

During the party, Thitima had been plied with drinks before Rachadech reportedly fondled her in full view of partygoers.

He was then spotted carrying her back to his condo at about 6pm on September 16, before he dumped her in the lobby at about 2am the following day.

Thitima was found dead on the sofa by friends who had come to pick her up. Autopsy results showed that Thitima had died from alcohol poisoning.

In October 2020, the Thonburi Criminal Court found Rachadech and five others guilty of conspiring to detain and sexually abuse Thitima, causing her death.

Rachadech was sentenced to eight years in jail, while the other five were sentenced to five years and four months each.

The other five were Chaiyaphon Panna, 29, who threw the party; his girlfriend Phikunthong Bunpha, 24; his older brother Nathee Sathipongsathaporn, 33; and friends Koset Ritnithiruek, 35; and Kritsada Lohitdi, 27.

They were also ordered to pay a compensation of 748,660 baht to Thitima’s mother.

The six later applied for bail, and the court granted temporary release to Rachadech for a surety of 350,000 baht and the other five for 150,000 baht each.

Bangkok male model loses appeal, gets 8 years for death of ‘pretty’ Lunlabelle

On Tuesday, the Appeal Court upheld the verdicts for Rachadech, Chaiyaphon, Nathee and Phikunthong, but acquitted Koset and Kritsada, citing a lack of evidence.

Thitima’s mother said she was happy with the verdict, but will consider taking the case to the Supreme Court as she is suffering from a lack of financial support after her daughter’s death.

Lawyer Suradet Phojyindee, who is representing Thitima’s family, said he will take the case to Civil Court on January 31 to sue for compensation, which he estimates to be about 13 million baht.

He added that Thitima’s family has not received any compensation from the other side so far.

Meanwhile, Kritsada said he would make merit for Thitima by ordaining as a Buddhist monk for three months.

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