Digital ID now valid as government moves to make services more efficient

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Digital ID now valid as government moves to make services more efficient

Digital ID now valid as government moves to make services more efficient


Thais can now get access to services from government agencies by using their digital identification on a mobile device instead of a physical ID card, government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said on Saturday.

The development flows from Section 14 of the Digital Public Service Act, which took effect on January 10. It allows digital ID to be used to access government services, Anucha said.

The law aims to improve the quality of government services and make it more efficient by using cutting-edge technology, Anucha said, adding that the shift to digitalised government services is a global trend.

An application – D.DOPA – has been developed by the Department of Provincial Administration for registering a digital ID. It can be used on both the iOS and Android platforms.

To register, a citizen must present their physical ID card to their district office’s registry division and then open the D.DOPA app. They will then need to enter a 13-digit ID number, accept the terms and conditions, scan a QR code, and fill out a Personal Data Protection Act consent form.

Anucha said people can show their digital ID on their devices when contacting government agencies or when an official requests an ID check.

“The digital ID has the same validity as physical ID and must be accepted by all agencies and officials,” he said.

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