Has your phone been hacked? Here’s how you can check

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Has your phone been hacked? Here’s how you can check

Has your phone been hacked? Here’s how you can check


The Police Cyber Taskforce has released advice on how Android smartphone users can check to see if their phone is being controlled by hackers remotely.

The advice was issued on Monday in response to reports that many smartphone users had fallen prey to hackers.

This usually happens when a user unwittingly downloads an application that installs malware in their phone.

“These steps will protect people’s information and block hackers from breaking into their banking apps,” deputy government spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said.

Rachada DhnadirekRachada Dhnadirek

Android users should take the following steps:

• Go to “Settings”, choose “Apps” and then tap the option menu (three dots in the top right hand corner) and press “Special Access”.

• If “Special Access” is not available and the system takes you back to the main screen, it means malware was installed in your phone.

• If this is the case, users are advised to cut internet access, backup all their important data and reset their smartphone.

Has your phone been hacked? Here’s how you can check

Even though the iPhone’s iOS has strong protection against malware, the Central Investigation Bureau had earlier advised users to do the following:

• Go to “Settings”, choose “Battery” and check if any application is draining a lot of battery.

• Check if any unknown applications have been installed on your phone and delete them immediately.

• iPhone users are also advised to switch on “Fraudulent Website Warning” on the Safari app and remove calendar spam regularly.

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