Pig saved from slaughter by a fall… and 5,000 baht

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Pig saved from slaughter by a fall... and 5,000 baht

Pig saved from slaughter by a fall… and 5,000 baht


A Nakhon Nayok resident dug deep in her pocket to buy the life of a pig that fell off a truck heading to the abattoir.

The animal reportedly fell off the truck near Silathong Intersection in Muang district on Monday morning and retreated to a shopping mall’s parking lot nearby to rest.

Natthaporn (last name withheld), 46, was the first to spot the animal and gave it some water. She then told the police officers who were looking for the driver that she wanted to buy the pig from the owner.

Pig saved from slaughter by a fall... and 5,000 baht

Moments later Pranee (surname withheld), 39, showed up claiming she had bought the pig for 13,000 baht from a farm in Ban Na district and was planning to have it slaughtered for meat. However, she said, upon learning that the pig had fallen off the truck, she decided she would let it live if it was ever found.

Pig saved from slaughter by a fall... and 5,000 baht

Natthaporn then paid Pranee 5,000 baht for the pig, saying that’s all she had on her. She said she would have the pig handed over to monks at Wat Wang Naka Baramee Tham in Prachinburi, where she often goes to pay merit. She added that the monks would be happy to take care of the rescued animal, before naming it “Baramee” or virtue/merit after the temple.

Pranee, meanwhile, said she was satisfied with the transaction and offered to transport the pig to the temple free of charge.

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