RTAF queries suspicious payments made to squadron in Surat Thani

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RTAF queries suspicious payments made to squadron in Surat Thani

RTAF queries suspicious payments made to squadron in Surat Thani


The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) is investigating corruption allegations against Air Squadron Wing 7 in Surat Thani.

The move came after a post on the “Watchdog ACT” Facebook page claimed on Monday that 110,000 baht was transferred to 50 air force men (2,200 baht per person) as night flight training allowance even though no such training had taken place.

The page also displayed a Line chat showing that the 50 air force men were asked to transfer their allowance back to a “Flight Sergeant First Class” who had disbursed the funds.

RTAF spokesman Air Vice Marshal Prapas Sornjaidee said on Tuesday that commander-in-chief Air Chief Marshal Alongkorn Vannarot ordered an investigation into the case immediately.

He added that the RTAF chief has also instructed all officers to ensure that cash disbursements are done in line with rules.

Air Vice Marshal Prapas SornjaideeAir Vice Marshal Prapas Sornjaidee

“RTAF adheres to performing its duties with transparency,” he said, adding that any officers found guilty will be duly punished.

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