Valentine’s Day is not just a day of love for couples, survey finds

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Valentine’s Day is not just a day of love for couples, survey finds

Valentine’s Day is not just a day of love for couples, survey finds


A recent survey shows that most Thais believe Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, but also to express love for their family and friends.

The survey, conducted jointly by the Culture Ministry and Suan Dusit Poll, covered 6,207 respondents from different income groups and educational backgrounds.

The aim of the study was to gauge the Thai public’s views towards the “Day of Love” and it showed that for many (35.72%) it is not that important. Many also advised the Culture Ministry to use Valentine’s Day to conduct community service, like planting trees or launching a blood donation drive.

The poll results released on Tuesday also showed that most respondents want children to also be taught about safe sex.

Here are some questions posed in the survey:

Who do you want to express love for on Valentine’s Day?

• 74.27%: Parents

• 43.21%: Girlfriend/boyfriend

• 40.13%: Friends

• 29.24%: Teachers

• 7.52%: Celebrities

• 3.46%: Others, themselves, the disabled

Who do you want to be most loved by?

• 46.88%: Parents

• 20.35%: Girlfriend/Boyfriends

• 8.78%: Offspring

How would you express your love?

• 64.35%: Through words

• 31.03%: With hugs and kisses

• 28.53%: Via social media

• 27.39%: With flowers

• 15.61%: With chocolate

What do you wish to get for Valentine’s Day?

• 66.14%: Words of love

• 32.14%: Hugs and kisses

• 27.66%: Flowers

• 26.23%: Loving messages on social media

• 16.90%: Chocolate

What is your preferred method of expressing love?

• 76.19%: Telling the loved one in person

• 46.75%: Via Line application

• 34.28%: Via Facebook

What activities do you think help strengthen love?

• 55.87%: Cooking and eating together

• 47.33%: Travelling

• 38.20%: Hanging out at home

• 27.80%: Going to the cinema

• 26.57%: Making merit

Who do you see as a role model for relationships?

• 73.70%: Parents

• 11.17%: Celebrity couple

• 7.96%: Grandparents

What words or phrases best express loving feelings?

• 88.96%: Love

• 7.22%: Stay with me forever

• 4.31%: I love you

• 2.48%: I miss you

• 2.31%: Thank you for loving me

Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer for most questions.

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