The poetry of pearls

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Mikimoto Thailand brings its masterpieces to Thailand for a special exhibition at Siam Paragon

IT’S BEEN 10 years since it opened its flagship store in Bangkok and now Mikimoto Thailand is celebrating the occasion by revamping its boutique and presenting an exhibition of the masterpieces created by the brand over the last 120 years at Siam Paragon.

Since its establishment in 1893, the Japanese pearl master has always selected the highest quality pearls to create the most beautiful pieces. The highlight of the display, the total value of which is estimated at more than Bt200 million, is the Mikimoto Pearl Crown “Dreams & Pearls.

Yasuharu Ohara, president of Mikimoto Thailand, describes the crown a “a heartbeat of pride, a sparkle of wonderment and the epitome of Mikimoto’s excellent technicality.

“This is the first time that Mikimoto brought its masterpieces outside Japan, especially the crown. This was crafted to honour the 120th anniversary of Mikimoto and assembles 12 pearls of different types sources from cultivation farms around the world. These are fashioned into 12 flowers to showcase the delicate beauty of such rare pearls. Our craftsmen used the Akoya pearl, South Sea pearl, Black South Sea pearl as well as the very rare Melo pearl and Conch pearl. The piece is worth some Bt150 million,” Ohara says.


“Each flower has a different style, allowing the exceptional beauty and the unique perfection of the pearls to be appreciated from every angle. It is also an exceptional example of our masters’ skills because the crown is multi-functional. Part of our ‘Pearls in Motion’ range, it can be altered into a fine necklace or all 12 flowers can be released to become earrings, a brooch or pendant and a bracelet. The subtle mechanism allows the flowers to be released with just |one touch. Multi-functional |accessories have been part of our story since the very beginning|and we are always striving to do |better,” adds marketing director Achiraya Inkatanuvat.

Pearls used in the masterpiece collection are also sourced from the new environmentally friendly farm on Ainoshima Island off Fukuoka, a cultivation base that will define the future of the Akoya pearl.

The exhibition shows off Mikimoto’s pearl sorting technique and advanced technology. Here too the creative possibilities are endless. They include the Akoya pearl hair band with diamonds as well as other head accessories adorned with delicate lace and ribbon that can transform into an earring, a scarf-like draping necklace and a bracelet.

A simple, classic necklace inspired Mikomoto to excel in the “pearl sorting” technique, applying the skills of its craftsmen to introduce a range of jewellery that’s perfect for every occasion.

The Akoya pearl tiara with conch pearl, diamonds and gemstones features a stunning tourmaline set of conch pearl, diamonds and gemstones that are intricately put together to create a unique hair decoration like no other.

The shoulder brooch with diamonds and gemstones, which is part of the Sapphire & Ruby Collection, exhibits rare and precious gems of different colours and shapes, and is testimony to Mikimoto’s aesthetic values that encompass both tradition and innovation in search of the ultimate beauty.

Multi-functional designs are currently at the very heart of the brand. “We’ve been working on this concept since 2013 to allow women to wear pearls for every occasions and challenging them with new techniques. We say to them, ‘this is not just a pearl string necklace but a very versatile piece as well’,” Ohara says.


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