New Malaysian-designed sneaker inspired by colourful local tea

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New Malaysian-designed sneaker inspired by colourful local tea

New Malaysian-designed sneaker inspired by colourful local tea


Fancy wearing teh tarik on your feet? No, not literally of course, but as a sneaker, with a design inspired by teh tarik.

That’s what a locally inspired sneaker collaboration between SneakerLAH, Asics Malaysia, and Malaysian streetwear store Hundred%, has come up with.

Called the The Gel-Lyte III “The Tarik” sneaker, this is the third such sneaker collaboration that SneakerLAH, Malaysia’s biggest sneaker event, has done with Asics. The first one was released in 2019 – the nasi lemak inspired Gel-Kayano 5 OG “Nasi Lemak” – followed by another in 2020 inspired by the Petronas Twin Towers – the Gel-Lyte III “Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers”.

At first glance, the sneaker really is the colour of teh tarik, with a bold caramel suede that resembles the various shades of the “pulled” milk tea. It even has interchangeable stripes that mimic the splashes made by the process of making the pulled tea.

New Malaysian-designed sneaker inspired by colourful local tea

On the insole, speckles and imprints represent the stain left behind by a glass of teh tarik, while the white translucent sole mirrors the gleaming surface of the steel tables usually found in the mamaks or kopitiams.

Bryan Chin, co-founder and CEO of SneakerLAH, said that this particular shoe was two years in the making. One of the challenges they had to tackle was, well, how do you make a shoe look like teh tarik?

“Teh tarik has many different shades of brown, so we really explored a lot of the different shades of brown available to us,” Chin said. “The Asics product team went through the process with us, showing us all the different colours and materials.”

“We really wanted to highlight the many aspects of teh tarik, not just the one you have at the mamak stall,” he said, adding that the idea behind the collaboration is to highlight Malaysian culture.

“Every other week there is a sneaker collaboration coming out. But we thought, how do we highlight our culture? What is very close to our heart? This is what went through my mind when thinking about this – it’s not just about the product or whether it looks cool – but whether there is a story to tell here as well. Our Malaysian food is very colourful, and it’s beautiful when you apply it to a shoe. So this time around, I think we are all very, very happy with it.” Chin explained.

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‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery

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‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery

‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery


A livestream of BlackPink’s Thai member Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban resplendent in sparkling jewellery from Italian luxury fashion house Bvlgari and attired in a gorgeous evening dress took social media by storm on Tuesday.

Lisa was participating in the Bvlgari Avrora Awards at Grand Walkerhill Seoul in South Korea as global brand ambassador.

The event was shown live on fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue Korea’s social media channels.

The annual event honours people who have played an outstanding role in music, sports, movies or business.

A number of South Korean media outlets referred to Lisa as “Princess Lisa” and a “true angel”.

The Srepenti necklace and bracelet worn by Lisa were reportedly worth more than a whopping 22 million baht, with the necklace priced at US$300,000 (11.4 million baht) and the bracelet $290,000 (11.02 million baht).

Meanwhile, Lisa’s Vivienne Westwood elegant pearl white evening dress cost $6,705, or 254,000 baht.

Apart from Lisa, South Korean ex-professional golf player Pak Se Ri was invited to the awards.

‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery

Lisa became a global brand ambassador for Bvlgari in July 2020, reflecting the popularity of K-pop culture worldwide.

Thanks to Lisa, as many as 600 Bvlgari B Zero1 necklaces, costing $62,000 apiece (2.35 million baht) were sold out in a mere five days after the campaign “Unexpected Wonders” began, generating 1.4 billion baht in revenue for the brand.

Including sales of other ornaments such as rings and bracelets, Lisa generated more than 2 billion baht in revenue for Bvlgari within a week.

MIKIMOTO Announces Song Wei Long as Global Brand Ambassador

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The very first time for MIKIMOTO to announce Song Wei Long as our first Male Global Brand Ambassador.

MIKIMOTO Announces Song Wei Long as Global Brand Ambassador

The very first time for MIKIMOTO to announce Song Wei Long as our first Male Global Brand Ambassador. With a marvelous conception to reinterpret MIKIMOTO Pearls, we are presenting a novel image to define the new style of Pearls that defies stereotypes. 

As worlds cultured Pearl pioneer, MIKIMOTO aims to create the multifaceted beauty of Pearl, breaking the tradition of Pearls. This latest campaign with Song Wei Long showcases our Pearls collection to define his contemporary style and endless possibilities that reveal the new excitement in Pearls.

Published : February 25, 2022

Patek Philippe, Cortina Watch golden jubilee marked with 2 new creations

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Patek Philippe has also created a unique dome clock in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel for the golden jubilee.

Patek Philippe, Cortina Watch golden jubilee marked with 2 new creations

Cortina Watch and Patek Philippe are marking 50 years of partnership with the release of a limited-edition wristwatch and unique dome table clock. 
Since it was founded in 1972, Cortina Watch has been the official retailer of one of the most respected brands in Swiss watchmaking – Patek Philippe. What began as a professional encounter between Cortina Watch founder Anthony Lim and late Henri Stern over 66 years ago developed into a retail partnership that has helped establish both brands across Southeast Asia.
Now, Cortina Watch exclusively manages six Patek Philippe specialist boutiques across Asia.
To mark the five decades of partnership in the region, a limited-edition watch, Patek Philippe Ref 5057G-010 Calatrava, has been created. Only 100 pieces will be available this year.

New beauty in white gold
The new Ref 5057G-010 in white gold features the same triple row guilloched “Clous de Paris” hobnail bezel as the first model created for Cortina Watch in 1997 to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with a charcoal grey sunburst dial with a black-gradient rim, white transfer-printed Roman numerals and white gold, pear-shaped hands.
Powered by the Caliber 240 PS IRM C LU, the display indicates the date, moon phases and power reserve on two subdials, with a small seconds indication between the 4 and 5 o’clock hour markers. The ultra-thin, self-winding movement has a 48-hour power reserve and can be viewed through the transparent sapphire caseback, which bears a commemorative inscription “Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary Since 1972” in white.

Patek Philippe, Cortina Watch golden jubilee marked with 2 new creations

Unique dome table clock
Patek Philippe has also created a unique dome clock in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel for the golden jubilee. The Ref 20145M-001 “Singapore Skyline” celebrates Singapore’s beautiful urban landscape, from the Merlion to the Central Business District, Gardens by the Bay, the Esplanade, and Marina Bay Sands, where the second Patek Philippe boutique was opened in Singapore by Cortina Watch.
To create the contours of the city skyline and its most emblematic monuments, the enameller used 24K gold wire, cut into tiny segments, and shaped by hand.
For the scene’s magical tints, with their subtle gradations and layered effects, a palette of 50 enamel colours was used.
A shower of 50 gold stars and fireworks, made using gold and silver dust, cascade the sky to celebrate the jubilee. A guilloched hour circle with dentate edges echoing the flowers in the garden city, set with 12 baguette markers made of lapis lazuli frames a dial centre in cloisonné enamel.
An engraved inscription “Cortina Watch – 50th Anniversary – Since 1972” is discreetly indicated on the clock. 

Patek Philippe, Cortina Watch golden jubilee marked with 2 new creations

Five decades of friendship
The affinity between Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch extends beyond their retail partnership. It is an inter-generational friendship between the Stern family, who own Patek Philippe, and the family of Anthony Lim, who are the custodians of Cortina Watch.
To celebrate this longstanding partnership, Cortina Watch and Patek Philippe will co-host an exhibition that showcases their affiliation.
The exhibition will not only showcase the limited edition Ref 5057G-010 and Ref 20145M-001 “Singapore Skyline” dome table clock, but also the Ref 5057R-001 25th-anniversary model.
It will also include Cortina Watch’s collection of several other unique Patek Philippe creations, such as Ref 1677M “Esplanade”, created for Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015; Ref 20094M-001 “Bay of Singapore”, created for the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition, hosted in Singapore in 2019; Ref 20040M-001 “Twilight Taipei”, created to commemorate the first Patek Philippe boutique established in the city’s most prominent skyscraper.
The travelling exhibition will be held at Patek Philippe boutiques across the region, starting with ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It will travel to Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia before finally returning to Singapore towards the end of the year.

Published : February 23, 2022

Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items. #SootinClaimon.Com

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Komehyo, Japan’s No.1 second-hand luxury item business, celebrates second anniversary in Thailand with two stores in Thailand, aims to expand to five stores to tap into 3bn-baht-worth Thai market

Saha Komehyo Co., Ltd., established with cooperation of Saha Group and Komehyo Japan, continues to tap into Thailand’s three-billion-baht-worth second-hand luxury goods market by utilizing Komehyo’s strength as the No.1 in the Japanese market with extensive experience, high credibility and standard, and the ability to impress customers under the concept “Spread Joy, Spark Happiness”.

The company aims to build a society where people can share with each other their invaluable pre-loved luxury items, which will also help stimulate the economy. It currently operates two stores in Thailand, one on the second floor of Central@centralwOrld and another on the first floor of Central Bangna, and plans to continually open new stores in order to reach the target to operate five stores in the country

The business has been well-received by Thailand’s brand-name fans as it is ready to buy large amounts of second-hand luxury items in order to cater to the market demand.

Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.

Mr. Hideo Takeo, Managing Director of Saha Komehyo, said “Komehyo has a profound understanding of brand-name items from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspectives. We treat second-hand luxury goods as ‘pre-loved items’ that are invaluable to our customers. As such, we are well-received by Thai customers and have been growing continuously in the past two years.”

“Komehyo intends to help transfer luxury items one no longer uses to another who wants it, which, in effect, is the transfer of happiness. This is how we came up with the concept ‘Spread Joy, Spark Happiness’. All luxury items, such as bags and watches, will be meticulously examined by our highly experienced experts from Japan, who are ready to provide personal advice and professional care throughout the buying and selling processes.”

“Our customers will enjoy the same level of quality of service and credibility as our business in Japan guaranteed by our reputation, which will allow them to buy or sell luxury items with confidence. Customers who want to sell an item can make an appointment in advance and we will prepare a private guest area for them. As of now, we are ready to buy a large volume of brand-name items.”

Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.

“Under the concept of ‘Spread Joy, Spark Happiness’, Komehyo acts as credible intermediary who can ensure trust and confidence of customers by guaranteeing the quality of items. We have over 300 experts in Japan with expertise specific to each type of items. Each expert must complete our training and pass our examination on buying, product care and pricing, based on a special curriculum we have developed throughout our long history using a database from over 1.4 million items per year. We want every step of any transaction with us to be credible as we aim to impress and provide happiness to customers who wish to buy or sell their beloved brand-name items.”

Komehyo, Japan’s No.1 pre-loved luxury item business, operates two stores on the second floor of Central@centralwOrld and another on the first floor of Central Bangna. It provides a certificate of authenticity for each item which has passed a careful examination by a Japanese expert under a standardized grading system. A team of brand-name experts are available to help select luxury items to be sent directly from Japan to Thai customers.

Komehyo is launching a special promotion to celebrate its second anniversary in Thailand. Customers who buy items worth 30,000 baht will get to draw a discount coupon with the highest possible value of 10,000 baht, while customers who sell items worth 30,000 baht will receive a Starbucks Card worth 1,000 baht. The campaign is available from 16 October to 16 November 2021. Customers can make an appointment to sell their luxury items in a special private room and can enjoy buying various luxury items at any of the two stores. They can also view the items online at the website and view an online video guide at 

Published : October 19, 2021

Songkhla pattern wins Batik City costume design competition #SootinClaimon.Com

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Songkhla pattern wins Batik City costume design competition

Nattorn Atitcharungchais Songkhla pattern stood out among hundreds of competitors in the Batik City International Contemporary Thai Costume Design Competition 2021.

Nattorn Atitcharungchai’s Songkhla pattern stood out among hundreds of competitors in the Batik City International Contemporary Thai Costume Design Competition 2021.

Itthipol Khunpluem, the Minister of Culture, presided over the online competition on Saturday.

The contest was held under the concept of bringing together batik fabrics from the three southern border provinces (Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat) and four districts of Songkhla (Chana Thepha, Nathawee, Saba Yoi).

As many as 319 entries were submitted, with five making it to the final round.

Songkhla pattern wins Batik City costume design competitionSongkhla pattern wins Batik City costume design competition


Nattorn’s work under the concept “Sunset Nostalgia” won the first prize. Her work introduced fabric patterns from Songkhla batik, inspired by the shadow of the sunset on the sea that changes from emerald green to midnight blue and contrasts with another layer with shades of evening sunlight ranging from orange to purple. The dress combined elements of Street Style and the Cultural Twist with ancient Japanese aristocracy.

Songkhla pattern wins Batik City costume design competitionSongkhla pattern wins Batik City costume design competition

The first runner-up was Panupong Khamdee, who used fabric patterns from Batik Derara, Saloma Patek and Dee Na Thap to create a piece under the concept “More in More” by bringing impressions from Hari Raya, the Muslim New Year, to the design.

The second runner-up award went to Leeta Chalitanattakul, who took the history of the fabric from the Kae Phatik entrepreneur to design it under the concept “The beauty of the blind”.

Two other consolation prizes were awarded: to Naphasorn Panichpat, who blended fabric patterns from Raya batik, Kae batik and Adunan batik under the concept of “Ocean Currents”, and to Woranon Wongkitisophon, who took the fabric pattern from Adunan batik to create the concept of “Birth of Southern Thailand”.

Itthiphol congratulated the five winners and hoped that the work of all contestants would spark the use of Thai fabrics from the southern border provinces in a more contemporary form. It is also helping to preserve the national cultural heritage and promote the value of beautiful Thai fabrics and long-standing cultural heritage.

Watch the Fashion Video works from 15 finalists on or YouTube and Facebook of Office of Contemporary Art and Culture.

Published : September 12, 2021

Mikimoto presents precious gifts the timeless beauty of Pearl Month Collection #SootinClaimon.Com

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Mikimoto presents precious gifts the timeless beauty of Pearl Month Collection

Mikimoto, high-end pearl jewelry brand from Japan, welcomes Pearl Month (gemstone for June) with Pearl Month Collection that is filled with unique characters of Mikimoto’s created by haute craftmanship.

Mikimoto presents precious gifts the timeless beauty of Pearl Month Collection

Mikimoto presents the value of purity as gift for all occasion to women. Mikimoto carefully selected the roundest and the most lustrous pearls – the best 1 percent which counts as one in a hundred – together to create jewelries that can be called the “most beautiful”.

The Pearl Month Collection comprises Akoya Pearl Necklace with Diamond that comes in variety of styles of 3 and 5 layers as well as long strands. The necklace is luxuriously designed but also filled with timeless classiness. The same goes with Akoya and Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace with

Diamond. The delicate luster of white Akoya Pearls combines with radiance of golden South Sea pearls and the sparkles of precious diamonds makes a for a perfect, harmonious matching.

Mikimoto presents precious gifts the timeless beauty of Pearl Month CollectionMikimoto presents precious gifts the timeless beauty of Pearl Month Collection

For the women that are enchanted by the charm of white Akoya pearls and golden South Sea pearls, Skipping Rope has created magical pieces for them to choose from. Among them are Akoya and

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace with Diamond, Akoya and White South Sea Pearl Necklace with Diamond and Akoya Pearl Necklace with Diamond. These are precious gemstones from nature combined with artisanal touches of haute craftsmen and regarded as the elegance Mikimoto is proud to give to all women. Skipping Rope has an outstanding hook-free feature that allows wearers to have fun with the piece – either by tying or clipping on the shortener – to adjust the design to their preference. However they choose to wear it, unique and elegant beauty is ensured.

And for those looking for multi-function pearl necklaces, they cannot take their eyes from Akoya Pearl Necklace, the stunning long strand of white round Akoya pearls. Length can be adjusted to longer or shorter, and the necklace can be transformed into pearl bracelet. Whichever way it is worn, it will be a stunning statement piece. There are also Akoya Pearl Earrings that will become a perfect match with the necklace.

Experience the purity of pearls with meticulous craftsmanship with Pearl Month Collection from Mikimoto at Mikimoto Boutique, Level M of Siam Paragon. For more information, please contact 0-2129-4444.

Published : June 04, 2021

An international exhibition showcases the exquisite art of fabric #SootinClaimon.Com

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An international exhibition showcases the exquisite art of fabric

FashionJan 31. 2021OBI-PegasusOBI-Pegasus

By The Nation

From materials such as silk and fur, conjured with imagination to create beautiful and fine patterns, woven fabric has its own niche in the world of fine art.

In the past, patterns on fabrics illustrated the social class of people. For some people with artistic tastes, like Rolf von Bueren, fabric with fine art has become a collectors’ item with collections from around the world. Von Bueren is renowned not only for having high taste but also for being eagle-eyed in spotting Asian fine arts on fabric. He carefully selects all the great works and rare items from across the world, especially from Asian countries where some of the ancient techniques are at risk of extinction.

19th Century Jamawar Kashmir Shawl Fragment with Bent-Tip and Spear Form Boteh Motifs Made in 1890

19th Century Jamawar Kashmir Shawl Fragment with Bent-Tip and Spear Form Boteh Motifs Made in 1890

With his intention to share all of this knowledge and works to collectors and art lovers, he has organised “Lotus Arts de Vivre: Woven Jewels”, a rare fine art fabric exhibition. Besides pashmina shawls over 200 years old with a complex and traditional weaving technique that is close to extinction, the exhibition also features Obi by Genbei Yamaguchi, the famous Japanese Obi expert and the master of fine art who combines Japanese handicraft and modern art, woven jewels that is unique in Obi fabric pattern and batik fabric handbags from Malaysia mixed with weaving technique from the Support Foundation under Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The exhibition is honoured by Luckana Kunavichayanont as the storekeeper. Those who are interested can make a reservation at Tel. 089-667-6077 from Sunday until February 28, 10am to 5pm at Lotus Arts de Vivre Gallery, Rama 3.

Rolf von Bueren

Rolf von Bueren

Revealing his obsession for the beauty of textiles, Rolf von Bueren said: “Textile originated from determination and imagination of the weavers, reflecting both way of life and civilization that are unique in each country. It is the cultural heritage of each country. With my work that took me around the globe, especially Asian countries, in search of highly-skilled craftsmen and rare materials to create accessories and home decoration items, I have met numbers of very skillful weavers who are interested in fine art on fabrics that is delicate and beautiful.

“I have started collecting since 1965 — 56 years ago — and would like to share with everyone the beauty of handicraft works.”

Pashmina shawl is from Kashmir in the northern part of India. The items displayed by Rolf are over 200 years old. Each piece of fabric is made using the inner side of the fur of goats in the Himalayan region, which are very soft and delicate, especially goats residing at an high altitude of 4,300 metres. Complicated patterns and combination of natural colours from saffron result in stunning beauty of the fabric which has provided warmth to owners for centuries. It is a pity that this technique of fabric is close to extinction.

Part of the exhibition

Part of the exhibition

Pashmina shawls are valuable collection items that Rolf keeps in a well-controlled lighting and moisturising room with air-conditioning on 24 hours a day, besides regular cleaning to protect the items from insects and bugs. Pashmina shawls displayed at the exhibition are unique in boteh or paisley pattern that is currently very famous in the fashion world. It originated from Persia, and means flowers or bouquet of flowers.

Boteh pattern came to India in the 16th to 19th century during the Mughal empire and was mostly used as shawls representing social class of high society as well as nobility. In the mid-17th century or colonisation era, boteh reached Europe and became one of the most famous patterns in the fashion world.

Pierre Cardin, designer who turned name into brand, dies at 98 #SootinClaimon.Com

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Pierre Cardin, designer who turned name into brand, dies at 98

FashionDec 30. 2020Pierre Cardin in his Paris office in 2016. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Marlene AwaadPierre Cardin in his Paris office in 2016. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Marlene Awaad

By Syndication Washington Post, Bloomberg · Laurence Arnold

Pierre Cardin, the Parisian designer who forever changed fashion when he broke with French couture houses and offered ready-to-wear clothing in department stores, ultimately transforming his name into a diversified global brand, has died. He was 98.

The Agence France-Presse reported the news, citing his family. France’s Academy of Fine Arts confirmed the news in a tweet.

He lived in Paris and acquired properties including a castle in the south of France once owned by the Marquis de Sade and the Palais Bulles, or “Bubble Palace,” his futuristic mansion in Cannes.

Cardin made his mark artistically in the 1960s as a leading designer of the “Space Age” look, with unisex clothing, bold geometric patterns and the use of vinyl and plastic.

Fashion was just the start of Cardin’s business empire. He went on to sell eyeglasses, umbrellas, perfume, luggage, linens, furniture, mattresses, skis and coffee pots.

“If someone asked me to do toilet paper, I’d do it,” Cardin told the New York Times in 2002. “Why not?”

In 1959, at the Paris department store Printemps, Cardin became the first designer to introduce a ready-to-wear — or “pret-a-porter” — women’s line for a broad audience. With that act of independence, Cardin steered himself away from the haute couture houses that dominated the Paris fashion scene.

“It was Cardin who first equated fashion design with the masses, and he made the notion of luxury for everyone into an international currency,” fashion writer Elisabeth Langle wrote in a 2005 book, “Pierre Cardin: Fifty Years of Fashion and Design.”

“They said pret-a-porter will kill your name,” Cardin said in an interview, “and it saved me.”

He was also a pioneer in men’s fashion. He opened Adam, a boutique featuring printed shirts and ties, in 1957, and three years later presented the first haute couture show for men. His high-buttoned, collarless jackets captured the fancy of four lads from Liverpool, England, and as the Beatles conquered the music world, the Cardin look soared with them.

Cardin leveraged his fame through branding, licensing and franchising. For many years, he said his trademark had 800 licenses in 140 countries. By mid-2017, the number of active Cardin licenses had dropped to about 350.

At times he was cited as an example of licensing run amok. Time magazine, in a 1975 story, called him a “shrewd fantasist who has tacked his name on to just about anything that can be nailed, glued, baked, molded, bolted, braced, bottled, opened, shut, pushed or pulled.”

In 1981 Cardin purchased the landmark restaurant Maxim’s de Paris. True to form, he globalized the Maxim’s brand by franchising branches in Brussels, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, London and New York, opening Maxim’s hotels and launching a line of Maxim’s luxury products.

The results were mixed. The Brussels and Rio restaurants closed within a few years, and the New York restaurant shuttered in 2000.

Cardin took his clothing to every corner of the globe. He targeted the Japanese market after visiting there in 1957, signed production agreements with the Soviet Union in 1978 and, in 1979, became one of the first western companies to do business in China.

Cardin long ago announced that he intended to sell his empire, which he estimated to be worth at least 1 billion euros.

It wasn’t at all clear that anybody but Cardin could run his runaway brand. Richard Morais, in his 1988 biography “Pierre Cardin: The Man Who Became a Label,” said Cardin was better at spinning — and sometimes embellishing — his image than at running a company.

“The Cardin empire was a giant fungus with its own independent life,” Morais wrote. “Spores of independent licensees grew in the dark and crept into every corner of the earth, fertilized by a steady supply of superb public relations. Sometimes, one would have to think, the empire grew in spite of Cardin.”

Pietro-Costante Cardin, the youngest of 11 children, was born on July 2, 1922, in the Italian village of San Biagio di Callalta, near Venice. His parents were farmers and winemakers whose land and business had been ravaged by World War I. The family moved to southeastern France when Cardin was 3 years old.

In 1944, he arrived in Paris and two years later began working for designer Christian Dior, who was assembling his own fashion house.

He opened his own firm in 1949 and presented his first haute couture women’s collection four years later. He said Argentina’s first lady, Eva Peron, and American actress Rita Hayworth were among his earliest clients.

Cardin’s ballooning bubble dress brought him lasting acclaim after it was introduced in the mid-1950s. In the 1960s, he positioned himself as a futuristic designer attuned to the fantasy of the Space Age. He embellished his outfits with geometric shapes, vinyl, oversized zippers, goggles, visors, even helmets.

“The dresses I prefer are those I invent for a life that does not exist yet: the world of tomorrow,” he said.

A 1966 Time magazine article said Cardin’s clothing for men was growing by $8 million annually, five times the gross of his women’s line, and his customers included actors Gregory Peck, Yul Brynner and George Hamilton. That year Cardin opened a menswear shop in New York City at Bonwit Teller.

He made his first set of haute couture furniture, called “Utilitarian Sculptures,” in 1977.

He expanded his empire in the 1980s, opening boutiques in Paris, Budapest, Beijing and London.

UNESCO, the United Nations office that promotes education and culture, named Cardin a goodwill ambassador in 1991. He also was elected to France’s prestigious Academie des Beaux Arts.

Cardin, who once had a love affair with film star Jeanne Moreau, never married or had children. Moreau died in July 2017.

Bespoke menswear brand Etiquette opens first boutique in Bangkok #SootinClaimon.Com

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Bespoke menswear brand Etiquette opens first boutique in Bangkok (

Bespoke menswear brand Etiquette opens first boutique in Bangkok

FashionDec 21. 2020Lertsak Chitvarakorn, Founder and Designer at EtiquetteLertsak Chitvarakorn, Founder and Designer at Etiquette 

By The Nation

New bespoke menswear label Etiquette is officially debuting with a boutique on Pradipat Road this month after discreetly dressing some of Bangkok’s stylish men over several seasons.

Founded by architect Lertsak “Oak” Chitvarakorn, Etiquette aims to bridge the gap between elegant black tie and stylish workwear by focusing on classic tailoring, contemporary fabrics and a refined cut.

“The different facets of a person is what makes an individual, and I find those details inspiring. As an architect, proportion and form are fundamental, and I enjoy applying these principles to tailoring. The attention and art that comes with making a suit are quite similar to designing a space to live in – both require comfort and identity,” Lertsak said.

The boutique features an extensive collection of fabric swatches and patterns for clients to peruse. It also offers a curated selection of ready-to-wear suits.

The showroom-cum- design studio stands out with its stylish turquoise exterior, which transforms into understated elegance inside.