Korat: a northeastern province with unique tourist attractions

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Korat: a northeastern province with unique tourist attractions

Dec 17. 2019
Toscana Valley

Toscana Valley
By Thanachart Chuengyaempin

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Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat is a major province with numerous tourist attractions in the northeastern region of Thailand, including Toscana Valley and the Jim Thompson Farm.

A popular spot of accommodations for tourists is located in Pak Chong district, featuring Tuscan-style hotels, villas, and condominiums in the enormous space of Khaoyai.

Those who visit Toscana Valley will be charmed by its Italian architecture in every zone. Also, there is the ‘Toscana Piazza’ hotel, located in the northern part of the valley, imitating the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The place is serene and private, a vast area which seems to be endless. Visitors can jog in the morning and ride their bikes in the evening.

Meanwhile, Jim Thompson Farm is the perfect place for fans of agriculture and flowers, located on over 600 rai at the hillfoot of Payaprab. The farm, a landmark of Pak Thong Chai district, charges an admission fee of Bt180 per person.

Visitors can see seasonal flowers, organic products, and traditional silk-making process. Moreover, they can experience Thai northeastern (Isan) culture in a simulated Isan village, where old houses, home interior designs, and tools are on display.

They will also be briefed on the story of Pa Pawet under the theme of

‘Tam Hook Tam Pa – Isan memory in textiles’.

Pa Pawet is a long fabric scroll that tells the story of all 13 chapters of Vessantara, an event held in 4th month of the ancient Isan calendar traditional. The presentation of Pa Pawet will be held until January 5, 2020.

Furthermore, premium silk products are available at the store in Isan village.

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