Entertainment venues spawn 123 cases in 5 areas of Bangkok #SootinClaimon.Com

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Entertainment venues spawn 123 cases in 5 areas of Bangkok

NationalJan 15. 2021

By The Nation

A total of 123 Covid-19 cases have been detected from clusters at Bangkok entertainment venues, City Hall reported on Friday.

Most of the infections were found among staff and customers at two venues – New Jazz Plaza (50) opposite the Mall Thapra in Thonburi district and The Freshy Plaza (47) in Bang Phlat district.

The virus spread to four more places that share staff with the two venues.

New Jazz Plaza shares staff with Marum Plaza Karaoke, Mr. Club by Marum, and The Villa International club, while The Freshy Plaza shares employees with E-Sarn Kongkaew restaurant.

As a result, the cluster has spread to the following five areas of Bangkok:

• Bang Phlat district: The Freshy Plaza and E-Sarn Kongkaew restaurant

• Thonburi district: New Jazz Plaza venue and Day Off shop

• Bang Khae district: Marum Plaza Karaoke and Mr. Club by Marum

• Huai Khwang district: The Villa International club and Maldives pub

• Bang Kho Laem district: Happy Fish pub and The Roof Bar bar

Among the cluster cases are two medics who treated two individuals who concealed their travel history before testing positive for Covid-19.

City Hall officials have disinfected venues linked to the clusters.

For an update of Covid-19 hotspots in Bangkok and elsewhere, visit http://bkkcovid19.bangkok.go.th/

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