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Absolute Care

Health & BeautyMar 31. 2021

By The Nation (sponsored news)

Stepping into 50 years of excellence, Bangkok Hospital under the management of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS), one of the largest healthcare networks in Asia, is entirely committed to deliver excellent healthcare experiences with the concept of “ABSOLUTE CARE”  


Nearly 50 years of expertise supported by cutting-edge technology, our surgeries conducted by highly experienced surgeons for your safety and trust in every step. These include all systems in the body, ranging from general surgery, obstetric-gynecologic surgery, orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, cardiovascular surgery, eye surgery, urologic surgery, otorhinolaryngologic surgery and plastic surgery. 

Special promotion: Free! 4 items for surgical packages over 100,000 THB. 

Free! Medical clearance prior to surgery based on selected surgical packages

▪︎ Free! COVID-19 Tests (RT-PCR) through oral and nasopharyngeal swabs for patient and one relative prior to surgery 

▪︎ Free! Medical equipment, medical supply, medicine used for wound dressing and post-operative doctor fee of surgeon first visit after surgery 

▪︎ Free! Doctor fee for internal medicine doctors during hospitalization specified in selected packages

Terms and conditions:

▪︎ This promotion is valid from 1 Feb – 30 April 2021.

▪︎ This promotion applies to surgical packages available in Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok International Hospital, Bangkok Heart Hospital and Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth.

▪︎ Surgical package for each patient depends on surgeon’s consideration.

▪︎ For more information, please contact +662-310-3000 or 1719 (local calls only).

Surgical packages

▪︎ Eye Surgery 

▪︎ Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery

▪︎ General Surgery

▪︎ Cardiovascular Surgery

▪︎ Spine Surgery

▪︎ Orthopedic Surgery

▪︎ Sports Surgery

▪︎ Obstetric and Gynecologic Surgery

▪︎ Urologic Surgery

▪︎ Gastrointestinal Surgery

▪︎ Respiratory Surgery

▪︎ Vascular Surgery

▪︎ Oncology Surgery

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