Health Department set to hand out 250,000 ATKs to food workers #SootinClaimon.Com

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The Department of Health will give away 250,000 Covid-19 antigen test kits (ATKs) to those working in food businesses nationwide in a bid to curb the coronavirus from spreading further.

The kits have been supplied by the National Health Security Office and will be distributed via district health offices.

Approximately 157,452 sets are earmarked for workers in markets, 68,596 for restaurant staff, 18,876 for food stalls and 5,076 for food delivery staff.

To be eligible for the free ATKs, candidates must be working in the establishments/fields mentioned above in areas that have a high number of daily infections and have yet to receive any Covid-19 vaccine.

“With the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration easing lockdown measures for many businesses, food workers must take extra precautions to keep from becoming infected as they face a high risk interacting with more people,” department director-general Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingjaroenchai said on Wednesday.


Health Department set to hand out 250,000 ATKs to food workersHealth Department set to hand out 250,000 ATKs to food workers

“It is advisable for food workers to take an antigen test every seven days and isolate themselves immediately if they test positive,” he said.

“Food staff must wear face masks while working, wash/sanitise their hands regularly, maintain a distance of 1-2 metres from others and at home separate their personal items from other members of the family,” Suwanchai advised.

“If you suspect that you might have contracted the virus, take an antigen test immediately at home or go to a nearby hospital to receive a test,” he added.

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Published : October 06, 2021


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