Bangkok prepares for school reopening on Monday #SootinClaimon.Com

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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has allowed schools to offer on-site classroom starting from Monday (November 15), after over 80 per cent of secondary school students in the province have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and the number of daily infections have declined continually.

“Schools that will reopen must comply to Ministry of Education’s “Sandbox: Safety Zone in School” measures, which include the implementation of DMHT-RC and SSET-CQ practices,” said Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang on Sunday via a facebook post. 

The DMHT-RC refers to Distancing, Mask wearing, Hand washing, Testing for Covid, Reducing crowdedness, and Cleaning. Meanwhile, the SSET-CQ practices include Self-care, using serving Spoon, Eating hot foods, Tracking movement, Checking oneself, and Quarantine.

“Each classroom will have not over 25 students. Schools may consider offering one-site classroom every other day and providing online classroom if necessary,” said Aswin. 

“In case a new patient was found in a classroom, BMA will issue an order to shut down the class for three days for cleaning,” he added. “If patients were found in more than one classes, the school may consider shutting down the entire grade for three days for cleaning.”

BMA will also employ 7 anti-Covid measures for non-boarding schools provided by Ministry of Public Health, which include self-evaluating via Thai Stop COVID Plus (TSC)+ platform, organizing classroom activities in small bubbles, providing clean and nutritious food, using standardized ventilation and waste management system, preparing school isolation facility, providing sealed routes for commuting students and staff, and setting up School Pass system whereas students and staff must perform ATK tests every 7 days.

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Published : November 15, 2021


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