At least 15 pilgrims die in crush and waves at Kyaikne Yele Pagoda festival in Mon State #SootinClaimon.Com

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At least 15 pilgrims died and some others went missing in a crush and waves this morning at the festival of Kyaikne Yele Pagoda located in the sea about two miles from the beach between Emkhe and Wekalaung villages, Thanphyuzayet Township, Mon State, according to local people and aid organizations.

“About a 30-foot stretch of the path called Nat Street to the pagoda was still under water. Boats shuttled to carry the pilgrims going to and from the pagoda. When the boats came back from the pagoda, those on the path scrambled to get on them, triggering a crush and some were washes away by waves forming after,” said a local resident.

He said the bodies of one monk, two men and 12 women including a nine-year-old were recovered while five women and three men were rescued.

He added that among the dead were the pilgrims coming from Waw and Mudon in Bago Region, Mawlamyine in Mon State and Yangon Region. There were 15 pilgrims who came from Waw but eight bodies could be retrieved, and the death toll is like to increase. Currently, security forces, firefighters, members of the Red Cross Society and aid organizations and local people are making search and relief efforts.   

“Since early morning, pilgrims showed up to go to the pagoda. At that time, the tide was still in on the path to the pagoda. Those in front happened to be pushed by others in the back as they tried to get on the boats. Then, a crush occurred and waves formed. We have learnt that many were washed away,” said an official from Mon Myat Setana Rescue.  

The 15 discovered bodies were sent to Thanphyuzayet Township Hospital and search is going on for those who went missing, he added.

The pagoda festival is annually held from 1 to 3 Waning of Tazaungmon in Myanmar calendar (in November). When the tide is out, Nat Street surfaces and pilgrims use the street leading to the pagoda about two miles from the beach. The pagoda attracts large numbers of pilgrims from across Myanmar.

By Bo Bo Myint

Published : November 22, 2021

By : Eleven Media

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