Thais make big wishes for 2022

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Bangkok University pollsters asked 1,117 people across the country what they want the most in 2022, and here are some answers:

Thais make big wishes for 2022

• 59.8% want the Thai economy to improve
• 53.7% hope there are no more severe variants of Covid-19
• 50.1% hope there are no new Covid-19 clusters
• 47.1% wish for peace and unity
• 40.8% hope the cost of living remains affordable

When asked what they wanted from the government:

• 40.4% want Phase 4 of the “Kon La Khreung” (Let’s Go Halves) scheme
• 20.6% want new welfare schemes to be introduced
• 10.7% want New Year accident insurance coverage at a premium of 10 baht
• 10.1% want the government to cut the interest on student loans.
The poll was conducted between December 17 and 21.

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Published : January 01, 2022


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