Chonburi surpasses Bangkok in Covid-19 infections on Jan 1

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New Year celebrations in Chonburi resulted in 442 people testing positive for Covid-19 on Sunday, with the highest number of cases in Bang Lamung district. A 68-year-old Chonburi resident with pre-existing chronic conditions also succumbed to the virus despite being double jabbed.

Chonburi surpasses Bangkok in Covid-19 infections on Jan 1

Chonburi authorities reported 14 new clusters, resulting in 342 cases, while eight medics tested positive. The latest numbers were achieved after officials conducted proactive tests at restaurants serving booze in the province.

In comparison, Bangkok only reported 366 infections and one death on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Dr Wichai Thanasopon from the provincial public health office said ATK tests were conducted among 264 people in Chonburi on January 1 and 67 of them tested positive. Some of these people had visited walking streets and may have put many people at risk, he said.

From another set of 79 random samples, 64 or 81 per cent had tested positive for the Omicron strain, nine for Delta while six are still unidentified.

Since April 2021, Chonburi has reported a total of 113,756 cases, with 2,360 still being treated. So far, 110,226 people have fully recovered, while the cumulative death toll stands at 794.

Published : January 02, 2022


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