PM2.5 haze warning for Bangkok as holiday ends

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The air quality in Bangkok and adjacent provinces could worsen in the next seven days (January 4-10) due to stagnant weather conditions, the Pollution Control Department said on Monday.

PM2.5 haze warning for Bangkok as holiday ends

“Also, many people will return to work on January 4, increasing the number of vehicles and dust on city roads compared to the New Year holidays,” said the department’s director-general Atthaphol Charoenchansa. “To avoid making the situation worse, people are advised to use vehicles only when necessary and refrain from burning garbage or weeds in open areas.”

PM2.5 air pollution in Greater Bangkok on Monday ranged from 18 to 34 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3), still well below the safe threshold of 50μg/m3.

PM2.5 levels in other regions were as follows:

• North: 12 to 24μg/m3

• Northeast: 10 to 22μg/m3

• Central region and West: 12 to 28μg/m3

• East: 14 to 25μg/m3

• South: 10 to 20μg/m3

The PM2.5 situation can be followed on and websites, CAPM Facebook page, or via Air4Thai and AirBKK smartphone applications.

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Published : January 04, 2022


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