Navy debunks rumour of ‘uncontrollable cluster’ at Sattahip base

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Rumours circulating on social media that Sattahip Naval Base in Chonburi province has reported an “uncontrollable” Covid-19 cluster and that the authorities are unable to control it are certainly not true, Royal Thai Navy spokesman Vice Admiral Pokkhrong Monthatphalin said on Wednesday.

Navy debunks rumour of ‘uncontrollable cluster’ at Sattahip base

“From December 26 to January 2 there have been a total of 37 infections reported at Sattahip Naval Base,” he said. “These infections have been found among navy personnel of different departments. Most of them are not directly connected, and therefore are not considered as cluster cases.”

The Naval Medicine Department provided details of infections at the naval base as follows:

• December 26: 0 infection

• December 27: 1 infection

• December 28: 2 infections

• December 29: 10 infections

• December 30: 7 infections

• December 31: 2 infections

• January 1: 9 infections

• January 2: 6 infections

“All infected patients have been treated in isolation under Public Health Ministry standards, while all areas of Sattahip Naval Base have employed strict disease control measures,” Pokkhrong said.

“People should not panic over the rumours. They should only follow the latest updates from the Royal Thai Navy or related government agencies regarding the Covid-19 situation,” he advised.

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Published : January 05, 2022


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