No cases of ‘Flurona’ recorded in Thailand yet

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No cases of so-called “Flurona” have been detected in Thailand yet, Department of Medical Sciences chief Suphakit Sirilak said on Friday.

No cases of ‘Flurona’ recorded in Thailand yet

Flurona is the term used to describe a simultaneous infection with the Covid-19 and influenza viruses.

Flurona symptoms are similar to Covid-19 symptoms but the number of cases globally remains low. Cases of the dual-infection have been found in Israel, Brazil, Hungary and the Philippines.

Suphakit advised people to take the same precautions against both diseases: wear masks, wash hands, and keep their distance from others.

The National Health Security Office has prepared 6 million doses of flu vaccine to protect vulnerable people, while the Covid-19 vaccination programme covers the entire population

Suphakit said flu vaccine should be administered one to two weeks after a Covid-19 jab to separate any side-effects.

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Published : January 07, 2022


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