Chiang Mai shuts 23 restaurants after 152 customers test positive

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Chiang Mai’s governor on Friday ordered 23 restaurants in Muang district to shut down for between 3 and 14 days after customers sparked Covid-19 cluster outbreaks. All the establishments served alcohol.

Chiang Mai shuts 23 restaurants after 152 customers test positive

Health officials urged visitors to any of the restaurants to get tested immediately and isolate at home for 7 days even if the result is negative.

All staff including musicians will be ATK tested every three days during the closure. Restaurant owners failing to comply face a fine of up to 100,000 baht and/or one year in prison.

Chiang Mai recorded 298 new infections on Friday, 152 of whom were customers of local restaurants. Local hospitals are treating 1,315 Covid-19 cases, while 672 are in community isolation and 503 people are isolating at home.

Restaurants shut until January 20:

– Living Machine, Suthep sub-district

– Zoe In Yellow, Sriphum

– Hom Bar, Patan

– Thachang Café, Changpheuk

Restaurants shut until January 13:

– Chalui Café, Changpheuk sub-district

– Siew Santitham Plaza, Changpheuk

– SOPA Café, Suthep

– THAY, Suthep

Restaurants shut until January 9:

– Too Nice Nimman, Suthep sub-district

– The PARK Society Bar & Hostel, Changkhlan

– Perng Café, Suthep

– Lao Tong, Fah Ham

– The Riverside Bar & Restaurant, Changmoi

– Seoulhigh, Sriphum

– Blacklist Cafe & Restaurant, Suthep

– 86’s Room, Changmoi

– SPV Café, Changmoi

– Café Wander, Changmoi

– Phojai Bar, Suthep

– Pi Lao in the Garden, Phra Singh

– The Good View Bar and Restaurant, Changmoi

– Lism Café, Changpheuk

– Good Bar Icon Park, Changpheuk

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Published : January 08, 2022


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