Bangkok to vaccinate schoolchildren aged 5-11

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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is readying medical professionals to provide Covid-19 vaccine to children aged 5-11 at their schools in the province, while those over 12 years old can now get the jab at Bangkok Youth Center (Thai – Japanese).

Bangkok to vaccinate schoolchildren aged 5-11

“We will provide vaccination under a school-based system for children aged 5-11 in Bangkok areas soon,” said Panrudee Manophaiboon, director of BMA Health Office on Tuesday. “We have compiled the list of all children qualified to get the jab who already provided their parents’ consent, and are allocating medical professionals to administer the jabs at their schools.”

“As for children aged over 12 years in Bangkok areas, they can get a Covid-19 jab at Kilawes 2 Building in the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai – Japanese) in Din Daeng district,” she added. “The vaccination centre there can provide jabs to around 2,000 people daily. Recipients can either walk-in or pre-register online via QueQ application.”

The BMA Health Office will also distribute printed media to schools in the province detailing how-to and suggestions to prepare children before and after getting Covid-19 vaccine. The office has urged all vaccine recipients to register on Mor Phrom application which tracks vaccination history and side effects for future reference.

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Published : January 12, 2022


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