Marine Department attends multilateral meeting on Lancang-Mekong River

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The Marine Department, in its capacity as Thai government’s representative, recently attended the 19th Joint Committee on Coordination of Commercial Navigation on the Lancang-Mekong River among China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand (JCCCN), which is hosted by China this year.

Marine Department attends multilateral meeting on Lancang-Mekong River

Also joining the meeting are representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Customs Department, Immigration Bureau and related agencies.

“The JCCCN meeting has been attended by agencies from China, Loas, Myanmar and Thailand which share border on Lancang-Mekong River to ensure the smooth operation of commercial vessel navigation and address related safety issues,” said Somchai Sumanaskhanjornkul, deputy director-general of the Marine Department. “This year’s meeting also discussed the measures to prevent and control the spreading of Covid-19 outbreak among regions along the Lancang-Mekong River.”

Marine Department attends multilateral meeting on Lancang-Mekong River

During the meeting, China as the coordinator of this year’s joint safety inspection of international navigation on Lancang-Mekong River promised to submit the proposal on technical amendment to the safety inspection requirements to JCCCN members, before forwarding amended requirements to Laos, who will be next year’s coordinator. China also proposed an organization of training and examination for international navigation among JCCCN members based on each country’s requirement, which has been accepted by the meeting.

“During this year meeting, Thailand has submitted the results of our training in search and rescue of flood and drowning victims, as well as the progress of translation application that aims to enhance the communication between personnel of the four countries along the Lancang-Mekong River,” added Somchai.

Published : January 13, 2022


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