How will downgraded Covid alert level affect you?

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With the number of new cases dropping significantly, the Public Health Ministry decided on Monday to lower Thailand’s Covid-19 alert from Level 4 to Level 3. The downgraded level allows people to resume their daily lives with fewer restrictions. However, nightspots remain closed.

How will downgraded Covid alert level affect you?

The new regulations under Level 3 are as follows:

  • Risky venues: People advised against visiting entertainment venues/crowded places that are not well ventilated.
  • Large gatherings: At-risk groups, partially vaccinated people are advised to stay away.
  • Travel: At-risk group, partially vaccinated advised against using public transport.
  • Leaving/entering Thailand: At-risk groups, partially vaccinated advised against travelling overseas.

Regulations under Level 4:

  • Risky venues: People advised against eating and drinking together, visiting high-risk places.
  • Large gatherings: People are advised to avoid close contact with others.
  • Travel: Everyone is advised to avoid using public transport or travelling.
  • Leaving/entering Thailand: Everyone advised against travelling overseas.

Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, director-general of the Department of Disease Control, said that most provinces are seeing a continuous improvement in their situation, which indicates that the country is entering a post-pandemic stage where Covid-19 will officially be declared an endemic disease.

Published : May 10, 2022


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